• 315M RF Super Regenerate Wireless Receiver Module

315M RF Super Regenerate Wireless Receiver Module

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315M RF Super Regenerate Wireless Receiver Module
Super-regenerative receiver module with LC oscillator circuit that includes plastic surgery to enlarge the output data signal is TTL level, directly to the decoder is extremely easy, and inexpensive, they were widely used. Products, small size, high sensitivity; frequency debugging easy, short lead times; product quality and consistency, and cost-effective, wireless remote control market is currently the largest and most extensive amount of a high frequency receiver module. Receiver module has a wide receiver bandwidth, usually ± 10MHz, factory general emphasis on the 315MHz. Receiver module generally use DC5V power supply, adjustable voltage, if any special requirements, voltage adjustment range is 3 ~ 8V.
Receiver module of the quiescent current factory is generally 4mA, special requirements can be reduced if the current, minimum current can be adjusted to 1.5mA, but the receiver sensitivity will be reduced. The output of the factory receiver module is a noise output, if no special requirements can be changed to the noise output, but the receiver sensitivity will be reduced.
- Pin Name Function
- ANT antenna connection
- VCC power supply positive
- 4 RSD data output
- GND Negative Power Supply
- Product Type: CZS-A
- Product Name: 5-volt super-regenerative receiver module
- Operating Voltage (V): DC5V
- Quiescent Current (mA): 4MA
- Modulation: AM (ASK)
- Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
- Receiver Sensitivity (dBm):-105DB
- Operating frequency (MHz): 315MHz
Package Includes:
- 1 x 315m receiver module

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