• Aerfeis NB-9964 Canvas DSLR Durable Photography Camcorder Camera Carry Bag

Aerfeis NB-9964 Canvas DSLR Durable Photography Camcorder Camera Carry Bag

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Aerfeis NB-9964 Canvas DSLR Durable Photography Camcorder Camera Carry Bag

-  This camera bag is made of Canvas with high density EVA protective lining
-  The Canvas with waterproof coating and EVA lining provided a good protection in light rain
-  Padded and velvet provided a nice protection for your camera, lenses or camera accessories
-  This camera bag designed with a fully padded body and the removable padded dividers
-  The inner shell and the dividers cover with velvet
-  Material: Canvas  
- Size: 27 x 14 x 19cm(L x T x D)

How to Travel Safely With a Camcorder:

- Carry your camcorder in a padded case. They may cost a little extra, but replacing a cracked lens will cost much more.
-  Always bring your camcorder as a piece of carry-on luggage when traveling by plane. Never check your camera at the baggage counter and never stick it in the trunk. Your camcorder will be safer from the elements on the seat next to you.
-  Have the camera ready at customs and security gates. The security checker will likely want to inspect the camera to be sure it is not a weapon.
-  Buy adapters for international power outlets. Make sure you get a quality adapter for your charger when you are traveling abroad. Don't buy one that is going to short out and ruin your battery.
-  Get a room with a safe. Check ahead of time with your hotel to see if there will be safes in the rooms. Most cleaning staffs are very professional and ethical, but lock it up for extra security.
- Let your camera warm up or cool down before using. If you'll be traveling to vastly different climates, you'll want your camera to adjust to the new temperature naturally.
    Insure your camera. Many home and contents insurance policies cover accidental damage.

Tips & Warnings:
-  Invest in some silica gel packets and stick them in your case to prevent moisture damage.
-  Keep your camera secure. Carry it on your front instead of your back. Make sure the bag is zipped and fastened.
-  Some companies offer lines of inconspicuous camera bags. Shop around.
-  While packing, keep your camera separate from any lotions, sunscreens or bug repellants. Leaky bottles will damage your camera.
-  Leave the camera home when you go to the beach. Sand is awful for cameras. If you must bring it with, bring a sealable bag and a brush to get rid of any stray grains of sand.

- When the bag gets wet, you can wipe it with a dry cloth to fully dry before using, otherwise it will cause fabrics to fade
-  Please keep it from sunlight and high humidity environment
-  Protect your digital camera from accidental damage and scratches
-  Do not use chemical lotion (alcohol, alkali, etc.) to wash it, otherwise it will cause deform of the product
-  If you don't use your camera for a long time, you can take it out from your bag. Reserve it at the other place

Package Included:
- 1 x Aerfeis Canvas Photography Camcorder Carry Bag


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