• ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set
  • ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set
  • ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set
  • ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set

ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set

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ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set

ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set
ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set
ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set
ALZRC 3GY V2.0-three-axis gyro set

1.high vibration digital MEMS sensors - not just the micromechanical
2.Thanks to the latest micro-mechanical technology, and is almost free from the effects of time and temperature.
3.more secure, high-vibration environment, limit the spin rate can also support higher. Because its sensor range of ± 2000 ° / s, four times the market similar products.
4.Not only large scale, but also higher resolution, more delicate. Sensors embedded 16-bit ADC, with 0.092dpsit the measurement accuracy is much higher than similar products 12 ADC 0.366dpsit resolution.
5.Digital output. The anti-interference ability is far better than the analog output sensors. As the CD is better than tape, the digital output sensors will replace analog sensors.
2.Two pairs of satellite receiver, double the safe and reliable
6.A single satellite receiver, carbon fiber side panels and antenna angle, there will always be receiving the blind. Thus endanger flight safety. Only two satellite receivers in order to avoid blind spots and to ensure flight safety.
7.Support for simultaneous connections to the two satellite receivers. Even if a loss of signal or failure of the entire system can still work properly, comparable to competitors to provide a higher level of security.
8.Not only supports standard conventional PWM receiver also supports a variety of single line receiver, like: S.Bus, DSM2, DMSX, DSMJ and so on.
3.permanent free online upgrade - integrated a standard USB interface, free online upgrade.
9.not require expensive additional purchase of special specifications of the data line. Do not need to pay additional fees for software upgrades on a regular basis.
4.Vibration analysis and log
10.Vibration Analysis and logging to help fly the Friends of the analysis of the source of vibration in the aircraft speed and intensity (Figure 2), to help find the source of vibration to help fly the Friends of the aircraft to adjust to the best condition;
11.The display of the main rotor and tail rotor is separate, you can see the speed; encountered an unknown vibration to help find the source of vibration can also be based on speed; record once every six seconds in the flight, the aircraft rest will not be recorded;
5.Support PC and receiver set
12.Operation panel interface can be set using a PC, can also be used to set the transmitter to
13.Transmitter Setup is simple and convenient
6. Constant speed function
14.Support for the motor and oil machine;
15.2 ~ 16 pole motor support, support for the magnetic probe and the motor phase probe to support the bail-out support to slow start;


Size:  34 × 25 × 13.7mm Weight: 14g
Operating voltage: Support for HV high voltage 5V, 6V, 7.2V, 8.4V Operating Current: 3.5 mA
Operating temperature:  10 to 50 ° C Sensor technology:   3-axis digital MEMS sensors
Sensor range: ± 2000 ° / s Support all types of swashplate:  90 °, 120 °, 135 °, 140 °
Receiver Type: In addition to DMSS sold separately switch wiring to support the market for all receiver types
Rotor support two propeller rotor, or propeller rotor without aileron models
Straightening Machine Type : support electric or oil moving model aircraft helicopter
Straightening Machine Specifications : Model 250-700 size helicopters are applicable
installation flexibility:   vertical and horizontal mounting


1.gyro x 1
2.Data cable x 1
3.Adjust the screwdriver x 1
4.the gyroscope Fixed double sided tape x 4
5.gyroscope damping sheet metal
6.Satellite connector x 1
7.Cable (3) x 5

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