• BL10B Bluetooth 4.0 50W+50W Digital Amplifier TPA3116 HIFI AMP for DIY Audio

BL10B Bluetooth 4.0 50W+50W Digital Amplifier TPA3116 HIFI AMP for DIY Audio

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BL10B Bluetooth 4.0 50W+50W Digital Amplifier TPA3116 HIFI AMP for DIY Audio


BL10B amplifier adopts CSR8635 4.0 HIFI bluetooth receiving chip. High speed transmission and low distortion, fine and natural timbre. The amplifier sampling TPA3116 digital one. There is bluetooth control operating software and interface to control the bluetooth device playing. Built-in professional volume to control circuit. The torlerance between the 2 channels volume is less than 1%.

Support dual channel HFP A2DP AVRCP transmission protocol, the AVRCP: audio / video remote control code, simple to understand for Bluetooth end can control the mobile phone play pause, music etc., so as the selection of the power amplifier module, very convenient for the user to use. As long as the phone within the transmission range can be directly from the power amplifier control mobile play pause and play, aa well as the selections and volume control.

- Model: BL10B
- Voltage: DC12-25V
- Harmonic distortion: <=0.5%
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (-+1db)
- SNR: >=98db
- Input sensitivity: <=280mV
- Bluetooth transmission distance: 8m
- Separation resolution: >=90DB
- Load resistance: 8-4Ohm
- Output power: 50W+50W
- Size: 91*36*108mm
- Input mode: Bluetooth +analog signal input
- Color: Black

- No power supply
- Right connection sequence: Connect the amplifier power and laptop power, then connect the laptop power to the home power.
- 19V power is better than 12V ones.
- Good output power when audio and power voltage/current is ok.
- When the voltage and current is good, bigger Ohm, smaller volume power.
- If user has the power voltage that is less than 12V and wants to get super power, boost board should be available.

Power supply voltage:
- 12V: 8 Ohm speakers /12W (left channel) + 12W (right channel) 4 ohm speakers / 20 (left channel) + 20W (left channel).
- 15V: 8 Ohm /18 + 18W, 4 Ohm / more than 30 + 30W,
- 19V: 8 Ohm /32 + 32W, 4 Ohm / more than 5 + 45W,
- 24V: 8 Ohm /38 + 38W, 4 Ohm / more than 5 + 45W,

Package included:  
- 1 x Digital Amplifier

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