• C51 Development Board Tracking Smart Car Chassis Platform Robotic Car Kit with Ultasonic & Other
  • C51 Development Board Tracking Smart Car Chassis Platform Robotic Car Kit with Ultasonic & Other
  • C51 Development Board Tracking Smart Car Chassis Platform Robotic Car Kit with Ultasonic & Other

C51 Development Board Tracking Smart Car Chassis Platform Robotic Car Kit with Ultasonic & Other

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C51 Development Board Tracking Smart Car Chassis Platform Robotic Car Kit with Ultasonic & Other

- Onboard a USB serial port function, accomplish program to program without any downloader to download, support for the latest Win system, as long as a USB thread download communication function can realize the power supply, abandon in addition to the traditional use USB transfer 232 to download download line, simple and practical and efficient
- Equipped with self recovery fuse, when computer with USB power supply since the recovery fuse work, the computer USB power supply protection, protecting your computer from flow damage
- 8LED,LED, single-chip microcomputer basic learning part, such as running water light entertaining diversions
- DS1302 clock chip, 32768 hz clock source crystals, three line bus interface, the sample of form a complete set such as LCD clock display with adjustable clock procedures, and provide Chinese electronic information, let you will use, not only convenient but also the principle of learning it
- MAX232 communication post (DB9 serial port), may be computer serial communication (RS232 communication), can be connected to a serial port class experiment, also can be used as program download interface
- With Motherboard L298N high power motor drive, can control four independent dc motor unidirectional rotation, or to control two independent dc motor rotation, and the ability to control a high-power step-motor omnidirectional maximum peak current 2 a * 2 rotating motor, provide driver, can finish electric
- Onboard have a standard booth, TF can line the TF card read and write, which offers exclusive driver taobao first 51 MCU development board, can read and write TF card is not a simple reading and writing TF card, but have good transplant FAT32 file system / 16, in the file system line below the file to read...
- 1 road power relay, 220 v / 10 a, mains dedicated terminals, reserve a normally open normally closed public contact, can be connected to 220 v electrical equipment directly, of course more low voltage low power electricity device drivers don't have any problem, the sample provide instance button control relay, etc
- LCD1602 standard outlets, with separate contrast adjustment potentiometer, plug and play, according to standard LCD, implement a variety of patterns, such as mobile display scroll cursor input word by word, with a potentiometer to adjust brightness
- LCD12864 LCD standard socket, can connect ST7920 character LCD, with potentiometer to adjust brightness
-  18 b20 temperature sensor interface, digital temperature sensor sample can actual application, upper and lower bounds overtemperature alarm Settings, and so on
- Four independent key, man-machine interface input part, also can do procedure of external interrupt 0 external interrupt 1 T0 / T1 test using the sample including external interrupt control and subtract control switch control, etc
- 4 * 4 matrix keyboard interface, can meet is now the most popular film matrix keyboard, plug and play can learn scanning reverse scan regularly scan, sample provides a combination lock calculators and utility
- An integrative infrared receiving head, high sensitivity, and can do decoding infrared remote control can use the remote control remote control your robot with the sole driver optimization
- Unique design of the power system power motor drive and control end completely isolated, industrial design, protect vulnerable control system
- Double switch design, easy switch different systems
- Microcontroller using high-quality locking socket, convenient replacement chips, long service life and can batch programming chips
- Dual power supply system, the output voltage of 3.3 V / 5 V, can manage all the IC's power supply, but also convenient to expand your own electronic module
- Sheet of the modular design, flexible combination function, high degree of freedom, leave live learning play space
- With servo drive interface, could drive a 5 v of steering gear, provide the sole driver, can be used in robot control gimbal, etc
- With DAC converter (PWMDAC) all the way, eight precision, can complete the DAC experiment, for ordinary application is enough
- Chip with 8 road 10 high-speed analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) channel, speeds up to 250 KHZ (250000 times/SEC) 8 road voltage output type A/D, to do temperature test battery voltage detection keyboard scanning spectrum detection, etc
- 2 road 8 PWM generator chip integration, able to complete function of PWM motor speed adjustable light, full hardware implementation, no longer take up valuable timer
- Onboard a standard NRF24L01 wireless interface, can be very convenient to connect wireless module, finishing the development of wireless applications, provide the sole driver
- Onboard 6 light coupling, can completely isolated from the drive and control end, never appear because of the high power drive current fluctuation is too large, reset the control end, and can effectively protect microcontroller chips, make your system more stable
- With two lines of pulse counting interface, can be seamlessly connected meter digital module, cooperate with the board of the above motor driver module, can build the motor servo system

Package list:
- STC12C5A60S2 development board x 1
- Car chassis platform set x1
- Breadboard x 1
- Speed sensor x 1
- Ultrasonic sensor x 1
- Battery charger x 1 (battery not included as shipping reason)
- Tracking sensor x 1
- 1602 LCD x 1
- 5 Channel fire sensor x1
- USB cable x 1
- Dupont cable x 40pcs
- Dupont cable Male x20pcx
- Plastic case x 1
- IR remote control x 1   
- L298N motor driver x 1
- Spacer and screws & nuts x some

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