• DC-DC 150W 10-32V to 12-35V Mobile Power Supply Boost /step-up Module For laptop

DC-DC 150W 10-32V to 12-35V Mobile Power Supply Boost /step-up Module For laptop

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DC-DC 150W 10-32V to 12-35V Mobile Power Supply Boost /step-up Module For laptop
- Condition: Brand New and High Quality
- Size: 65 x33 x 23.5 mm
- Module Properties: BOOST /step-up
- Input voltage :10-32V
- Output voltage: adjustable (12-35V)
- Output Current: 10A (MAX)
- Input Current: 16A (MAX) (enhance heat dissipation beyond than 10A)
- Output power: natural cooling 100W (MAX), enhance heat dissipation 150W (MAX)
- Easy to drive 65W 90W including dual-core notebook .
- With a 12V battery drive a normal 19V 3.42A notebook , module temperature about 45 degrees
- Conversion efficiency: 94%( tested Input 16V out 19V ,2.5A)
- Output Ripple: 2% (MAX) 20M-bandwidth
- Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40 Celsius  to +85 Celsius)
- Full load temperature rise: 45 Celsius
- Noload current: 25mA
- Load regulation: ± 0.5%
- Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%
- Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
- Short circuit protection: No
- Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No
- Connection: solderless, terminal
- DIY an output adjustable Power Inverters , only need access to 12V power input, the output voltage you can (14-35V) continuously adjustable freely, but output voltage not less than the input voltage
- Universal Power Inverters Laptop power supply. Input connected to your 12V power supply, output voltage regulation into your notebook can work.
- boost charger, you can use more than 12V power supply for 12V battery charging, for example, 24V battery.
-  In order to power your electronic devices, as long as the voltage regulator to your desired voltage and current does not exceed the rated current can all be working.
- system-level power supply before, when you do a project when the input 10-18V, when the system board and you also need about 24V power supply and its large, with the general DC-DC power module too small, then you choose this module we will be your best choice, do not debug directly on the machine can work easily achieve efficient high-power boost.

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