• DUALSKYXM2215RTR-17 1620KV Outrunner Brushless Motor 20g
  • DUALSKYXM2215RTR-17 1620KV Outrunner Brushless Motor 20g

DUALSKYXM2215RTR-17 1620KV Outrunner Brushless Motor 20g

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DUALSKYXM2215RTR-17 1620KV Outrunner Brushless Motor 20g
- Based on proven Xmotor MA series brushless motor design.
-  Adopt curved magnets and higher grade laminations, more powerful upgraded.
- Integrated brushless speed controller.
- The connections of Xmotor and ESC is under patent -protection.
- The weight of power systems reduced significantly.
-  For example: XM1812MA + XC0610BA = 15g, XM1812RTR = 11g.  -
- Speed controller PCB to act as firewall.
- Can be directly fixed to the airplane head, further reduce the weight (subject to patent protection).
- Lower internal resistance from power group.
-  AS integration of Xmotor and ESC, wires optimized to the shortest while soldered at the factory.
-  RTR system is compact on volume, even the occupied space by ESC can be ignored.
- Ready to Run, easy to use.
- Fans no longer need to frustrate on selecting the configuration and welding the connectors.
- Battery tip with JST plug, the signal line modular design for easy change to different length.
- Passed the impact test, RTR system proved durable.
- Assembled and QC by Dualsky Shanghai factory, quality guaranteed.

- KV: 1620RPM/V
- Stator Diameter: 17.3mm
- Magnet length: 6mm
-  Shaft diameter: 3.0H
- Mounting holes pitch: 26/26
- Weight: 20g
- Resistance(Ri): 206mOhm
- Idle Current(Io) @10V : 0.4A
- No.of Cells(LiPo): 2
- Max. Efficiency Current: 7.6A
- Max. Burst Current (15s): 9A
- Max. Power(15s): 63W
- Prop. Range: GWS 8x4.3SF
- App. Class: 150g and up indoor planes

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