• ESD5500E Speed Controller Governor Board 12V 24V

ESD5500E Speed Controller Governor Board 12V 24V

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ESD5500E Speed Controller Governor Board 12V 24V

Product Description:
ESD5500E built on the basis of the start of the new fuel control and smooth slow start to control the process, these new features can be resolved in the engine to start the process by the rapid filling of black smoke caused by the phenomenon has greatly improved the engine's life.At present,it is very rich, perfect models in the new generators are widely in use.

RPM Stability: <±0.25%
Speed Range: 1KHz ~ 7.5KHz
Thermal stability: Max ±1%
IDLE Regulation: 160±20Hz
DROOP Regulation: Minimum 15Hz ±6Hz/ Amp
Maximum: 400Hz ±75Hz/ Amp
External Speed Regulation: ±200Hz (with 1 KΩ connected)
AUX Input Sensitivity: 148Hz / 1V., ±10Hz
Impedance: 1MΩ
Working Temp Range: -40 ~ 85
Working Humidity Range: Maximum 95%
Stocking Temp: -55 ~ 92°C
Shocking: 20-100HZ 500mm/Sec.
Voltage: 12./24V
Grounding Pole: Negative pole
Power Supply: 50mA
Actuator Continuous Current: Minimum 2.5A, Maximum 10A
MPU Signal:0.5-120 RMS

NOTE: Above-Mentioned parameters are tested with a 4000Hz working frequency. We will pack the goods at good package and many stock in factory.

Package List:
- 1 x ESD5500E Speed Controller Governor Board


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