• FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E Professional 3 Axis Tilt/Zoom/Pan Gimbal (FAFC3XP-1/Frame) For Multicopter Experts
  • FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E Professional 3 Axis Tilt/Zoom/Pan Gimbal (FAFC3XP-1/Frame) For Multicopter Experts

FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E Professional 3 Axis Tilt/Zoom/Pan Gimbal (FAFC3XP-1/Frame) For Multicopter Experts

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FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E Professional 3 Axis Tilt/Zoom/Pan Gimbal (FAFC3XP-1/Frame)

- FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E is designed for the professional UAV aerial users.  
- it comes with a tripod system, tripod can rotate with gimbal direction servo, its rotation range 360 degree and no limited times,allows the camera has a broad range of shooting , never let aerial aircraft tripod into the video and will not affect the creation.
- P3X-1000E is designed for double control (Dual operator) the professional aerial PTZ, main flyer and PTZ control person independent control - flying person focus on flight and PTZ controller focus on composition, both tacit understanding with the creation of variable easier and convenient. PTZ P3X-1000E controller can control PTZ rudder, pitch, rudder and roll steering, either individually each rudder control, cooperative control, and even 3-axis together working , these rudder changes in the composition became the most The basic elements. P3X-1000E able to carry the GoPro to 5D Mark II / III SLR camera vast majority of photographic equipment,and the the three axial center of gravity can be adjusted, P3X-1000E can work in the best condition. To know that the camera
is mounted on the center of gravity position will directly affect the shooting effects and screen stability, function,adjust the center of gravity is one of the most important symbol in the professional gimbal industry.

- Professional 3 axis aerial PTZ FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E uses lightweight design and strengthen the structural design of the main structure parts are made of carbon fiber and light texture, high hardness aviation aluminum, empty frame weight of only 1.02 kg. Moreover, the 3-axis aerial P3X-1000E professional PTZ has excellent structural strength, the front semicircular rings are the most distinctive design of this design effectively enhance the protrusive longitudinal rigid roll swing arm, with the market general -PTZ starker! The front semicircle rings P3X-1000E unique, even in heavy photographic equipment is installed, it does not produce protrusive roll arm vertical bounce or bumpy, so shooting the picture is more stable,photographic equipment load weight tolerance higher!

- Artist P3X-the 1000E professional 3-axis aerial PTZ great point is for the photographic equipment longlenses ,FLYCAM design lens pallets it will let the lens firmly hold up since the weight of the lens can be dispersed in the entire camera fixed platform, which reduce screen lens longer beating the problem. Camera screws easy to lose, P3X-1000E provides users with two screws saved holes, the camera will not tighten the screws at any time in the above for ready use. As a professional aerial PTZ, P3X-1000E also offers many upgraded design can make performance to new level, such as: roll servos can use dual steering gears, can further eliminate the transmission gap, increasing the drive torque; Support for external potentiometer transmission mechanism directly connected,this design can let gimbal directly compatible with the flight control system such as WKM, NAZA. Of course, we do not recommend the use of the band potential steering gear, regardless of the potentiometer is built-in or external. True high performance professional gimbal ,use the 360 ​​degree steering gear, and sensor placed on a fixed platform of the camera, to form a closed loop position control system,this is a performance guarantee!

FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E main features:
- Aerospace aluminum alloy body structure, good rigidity, light weight
- With a total of 15 high-precision bearings
- Rudder, pitch rudder dual bearing design
- Roll turn the wheel bearing design
- Roll arm mining semicircle rings branched palm design
- The thickness of 4mm aerospace aluminum alloy camera fixed plate
- The thickness of 6mm aerospace aluminum alloy tripod fixed plate
- Diameter of the carbon fiber 25mm camera carrying tube
- Aerospace aluminum alloy camera camera pallet and sensor fixing plate
- Carbon fiber electronic equipment mounting plate
- Carbon fiber tube and the rear support plate
- Camera center of gravity can be adjusted
- Camera screws saved hole
- The ability to dock directly with  multi-axis aircraft Airtechno FX10 etc

FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E supports three high-performance PTZ stability augmentation controller:
1. Tarot ZYX-GS PTZ stability augmentation controller
2. Skyline RSGS PTZ stability augmentation controller
3. FreeFly Radian so Augmentation controller to

FLYCAM Artist P3X-1000E performance indicators:
- Rudder travel: 360 degrees is not limited circle turn
- Pitch rudder stroke: +120 degrees to -200 degrees
- Roll steering to travel: ± 50 degrees
- Maximum design load: 2.8kg
- Inner frame effective width: 170mm
- The effective depth of the inner frame: 100mm
- The effective height of the inner frame: 130mm
- Dimensions: 440mm (width) x 370mm (D) x 280mm (H)
- Empty frame weight: 1.02kg

Included: the slip ring ( function: from the body to take power without having to use a separate power supply)
Shipping way: Bulk packing  (need self-assembly)
Note: Photos are for reference only, product does not contain a camera, the camera not included!
Customer Need to have following equipment to work together with P3x-1000E:
(not included)
The 3x 360 degrees standard size servos
- 1x PTZ stability augmentation controller
- 1x 800mAh/11.1V/15C lithium battery
- 1x UBEC buck
- 1x receiver

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