• GoPro FPV Fiberglass Brushless Gimbal 2-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal PTZ Aerial Photography

GoPro FPV Fiberglass Brushless Gimbal 2-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal PTZ Aerial Photography

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GoPro FPV Fiberglass Brushless Gimbal 2-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal PTZ Aerial Photography

- Brushless motor technology has changed everything, and with the introduction of brushless motors, gimbal technology has opened up to a whole new world of performance & stability.
- By utilizing brushless motors(not included), this 2 axis (pitch & roll stabilized) gimbal system introduces new elements of stability & vibration management, allowing the gimbal system to compensate for unwanted movements via smooth and powerful brushless motors. By utilizing brushless motor technology, backlash, complexity and the overall finicky nature of gears, belts and pushrods are no longer an issue, allowing a new element of stability & smoothness to be attained.
- In short, this system requires less complexity, offers greater agility, and best of all, brings forth smooth, vibration free video that must be seen to believe.
- You have to buy 2 axis gyro system separatly, thus to finish this 2 axis gimbal system.2 axis gyro system will senses the movement of the aircraft, translating this movement into the correct compensation angles for smooth & stable video footage. Utilizing an open source system that allows the end user to adjust PID settings, the gimbal can not only be dialed in for smooth & perfect video flight, but various camera tilt angles can be utilized by the end user, allowing a whole new element of flight to be seen.
- Utilizing Glass fiber construction with vibration dampening elements, this system is light in weight, offering the perfect platform for small HD cameras like the GoPro Hero line.
- For the ultimate in stability with unmatched aerial views, this brushless gimbal system opens up to a new world of capabilities, elevating your RC experience to new heights & beyond.
- Brushless Motor Technology
- Rigid Fiberglass Construction
- (2) Axis Stability via Pitch & Roll
- Variable Camera Tilt Angles

Camera Application:
- GoPro Hero Camera (1, 2, 3) / Drift HD / Small HD Camera System

-  Fiberglass Gimbal System

- Weight if contains motor and gimbal control: 230g
- Size: TBA
- Camera Mount Dimensions: TBA
- Voltage Range: TBA
- Pitch Motor: GBM2212-80 (not included:SKU
- Roll Motor: GBM2208-80 (not included:SKU
- Motor Poles: (12) Pole Motors

Product Note:
- Assembly Required & Control Board Programming Necessary for Flight. Gimbal system comes unassembled and will require assembly, soldering, mounting, and will require brushless controller setup and tuning. Please be aware that the PID tuning will vary from application to application - this is an open source system that does not utilize "manufacturer support", so please be aware that the end user will need to take the time necessary to properly setup and dial in the control board for optimum gimbal performance.

What is P.I.D.?
- Without going into great detail, PID settings stand for Proportional, Integral, and Derivative. These various settings allow the end user to adjust / manipulate how the control board functions, which will fine tune the gimbal system to your application of use. Considering this is an open source system, by simply doing a web based search of PID, you can easily and quickly come across a multitude of information, allowing you to better define what this means based upon your application.

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