• Gryphon Auto Booster Remote Operated Glow Igniter (GAB-5500)

Gryphon Auto Booster Remote Operated Glow Igniter (GAB-5500)

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Gryphon Auto Booster Remote Operated Glow Igniter (GAB-5500)

The Gryphon Auto Booster is a remote operated glow ignition device. Sleek design encased in a durable plastic shell, the Auto Booster tends to make a nice addition to any Nitro helicopter, airplane car, or even boat for easy glow plug ignition.

- Operating Voltage: 4.8V to 7.4V, User Selectable
- Idle Current Drain: 20mA
- Working Current Drain: 650mA
- Size: 10mm x 40mm x 23mm (HxWxL)
- Weight: 20g With Cables

- Glow plug can be remotely ignited with a transmitter by using a receiver channel (Gear, AUX, etc)
- The glow ignition operation can increase engine power rapidly during hard 3D flight if activated.
- A total of 5 steps of glow plug heat intensity are possible & selectable.
- The automatic fuse circuit protects the receiver from excessive current drain in the event of a short or abnormal over-current.
- The Plug ignition can be confirmed through LED and buzzer sound. If the plug is bad, the LED and/or buzzer will not activate.
- The plug can be automatically ignited by the flip of a switch on your transmitter.
- Equipped with an output terminal for an optional high-output external buzzer. Useful in the event that your heli crashes and you can't find it, just flip on the glow igniter and it will start buzzing very loud.

Includes Alligator clip for connection to glow plug and a lead for connecting the negative to your motor housing. Also includes a patchcable for interface between Auto Booster and your Receiver.

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