• Hyperion EOS 0615i DUO3+ Charger 2 x 6S 2 x 20A Max 300W+300W

Hyperion EOS 0615i DUO3+ Charger 2 x 6S 2 x 20A Max 300W+300W

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Hyperion EOS 0615i DUO3+ Charger 2 x 6S 2 x 20A Max 300W+300W
- EOS 0615i DUO3 DC INPUT 11V~28V
- 6S Max, 180W 15A Max Charge Per Port , 50W+50W 10A Discharge
- SYNC Charge up to 2x6S for max 12S Flightpacks at 360W max.
- Hyperion is already known as a world-wide leader in advanced battery chargers, and we continue to push development forward. The newest 0720i NET3 and 0615i DUO3 provide a wide feature set, and unmatched power to suit 5C-chargeable batteries like our new G3 Lipo. And with built-in USB port and supplied cable, you'll be able to install new firmware updates for added features and performance, as they become available.

DUO3 changes vs. previous DUO2:
- 12-Bit Balance Circuit Resolution for superb accuracy
- Built-In USB DataPort and supplied USB cable
- Hardware support for PC Control & Logging Software
(Bi-Direction release before Dec 2009. Logging available now.)
- 20 Memory slots for batteries per port (40 total)
- CYCLE mode for LiFePO4 and LiPo
- Max Current per port raised from 10A to 15A
- As long as the two packs are the same brand, capacity, and have similar usage histories, the NET and DUO chargers can SYNC Charge any two separate packs to make a series-wired flight pack. For example 2S+2S=4S, 3S+4S=7S, 5S+4S=9S, etc.

- Note that the DUO line can charge a single pack per port up to 6S, and can separately SYNC Balance Charge two similar packs to make a "flight pack" of up to 12S*. You CANNOT charge a single "unit" pack greater than 6S using one or both DUO ports no matter the wiring.

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