• KDS Flymentor PPC Hand Held Program Card 3D KDS Gyro
  • KDS Flymentor PPC Hand Held Program Card 3D KDS Gyro

KDS Flymentor PPC Hand Held Program Card 3D KDS Gyro

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KDS Flymentor PPC Hand Held Program Card 3D KDS Gyro

KDS flymentor PPC is a device used for adjusting parameters of KDS flymentor. It is very easy to use.Suitable Model: KDS900 Gyro

Power on the KDS flymentor(make sure the main motor is disconnected), then plug the link line into the USB slot of the KDS flymentor. The flymentor PPC will power on and the screen is shown as picture 1.

After few seconds, the flymentor PPC will finished handshake with KDS flymentor, you can see the main menu on the screen like picture2.

The device type of KDS flymentor is shown in title bar, in picture 2, it is '3D'.

Main Menu

There are nine items in main menu , each item contains a set of settings for flymentor. You can move the cursor to the item you want by press UP and DOWN, press OK you can enter the item and modify the settings. See table 1 for details of them.
You can also press the LOAD/SAVE button here, then the load/save menu will shown, see chapter load/save for details!

Modify Parameters
When press OK in main menu, you will enter the settings for some item, for example, the sixth item, 'Tail Gyro' settings, like picture 4.

In this stage, you can select the paramete by press UP and DOWN, when the cursor is pointed to the value you want to modify, press OK, then the value will be shown as black background like picture 5. If you want to return back to main menu, press ESC.
Then you can modify the value by press UP or DOWN, after modification, press OK, the new value will be saved, or you can press ESC to cancel this modification and the value will be restore.

When you press OK, there will be a star character for few seconds, that means the parameter is been saving, see picture 6.

Press LOAD/SAVE button when in main menu, the load/save menu will shown as picture7.

The load function will copy settings from flymentor PPC to KDS flymentor, the save function will copy settings from KDS flymentor to flymentor PPC opposite.

After select load or save, you should choose the memory bank of PPC.There are eight banks in PPC, choose one by moving cursor with UP and DOWN button, then press OK to confirm your select. The star character means the blank is already saved something, otherwise it is empty. Of course you can not load a empty bank.

The SAVE function will overwrite the memory bank you selected without any other operation, but the LOAD function has a confirmation before copy, like picture9. Use UP, DOWN and OK, ESC button to finish your operation.

Reset to Factory

Choose 'To Factory' in main menu, you will see following confirm screen, if confirmed, the KDS flymentor will be restore to factory settings

- Working voltage: 4.8-6.0V
- Working current: 5mA (5V)
- Dimensions (Length x Width x Heigth): 145 x 60 x 15mm
- Cable Length: 400mm
- Net weight: 74g

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