• LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717

LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717

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LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717

LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717
LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717
LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717
LION Power 7.4V 900MAH 25C LiPo Battery BG717

- Unique electrode manufacturing technology, professional electrolyte formula, so as to create high discharge platform, light weight of the battery;
- Use new copper nickel plating pole ears, greatly reduces the battery the internal resistance of pemfc, and improve the high rate discharge performa;
- Professional ultrasonic welding technology, make sure the assembly cell high rate discharge capacity;
- Each battery all passes through the strict separation with group (capacity, voltage, resistance), to ensure that the quality of the battery after combination
- Using improved fold type structure, the battery internal resistance lower, improve the current discharge capacity;
- Products through the CE, RoHS certification, quality is more reliable.


Product type:

Polymer rechargeable lithium battery

Battery item: LION  Power 7.4V 90M 25C
Capacity: 900mAh Continuous discharge rate: 25C
Size&Weight: Length 57mm x Width 30mm x Height 14mm / About 48g Plug style: Blance charger,T Plug
Charging method: Need to jump start a ho-hum with balance, charging current 0.5-1A Other function: Colors:Standard Colors,Packge weight:about 57G

Lithium batteries use common sense:

To make safer to use polymer lithium battery master lithium batteries use common sense, and rational use of lithium batteries, please read the following text carefully! Wish you a good time, more happy, more peace of mind and save money!
● combustion: the use of non-lithium battery charge with charger, may cause the lithium battery damage, smoke, heat or burning! For lithium batteries, we recommend that you use a lithium battery balance charger only for charging!
● damage: excessive discharge, overcharge or reverse charge will immediately result in lithium battery damage
● Charge: charging current shall not be greater than 1/2 of the battery capacity; charging cut-off voltage of a single 4.20V ± 0.05V;
● Discharge: initial use, please use standard balance charger; the new battery initial use Do not over-discharge, after the initial use, single voltage shall not be less than 11.1V, continuous the 5 cycle activated rear sustainable assured. Continued use, please pay attention to check the battery voltage, the 3 string battery pack voltage shall not be less than 8.4V; the 2 string battery pack voltage shall not be less than 5.6V; single voltage shall not be less than 2.8V. Lower than rated voltage will cause the battery to drum gas until the damage!
● save: lithium batteries self-discharge rate is higher than the nickel-metal hydride batteries, and long-term preservation, easy to over-discharge, please regularly check the voltage of single voltage between 3.8V ~ 3.9V; storage conditions: temperature -20 ℃ ~ +35 ℃; 45% to 85% relative humidity.
● polymer lithium battery monomers using aluminum-plastic film packaging material, prohibited scratch, collision punctured the surface of the battery or using sharp objects. The battery pole ear is not very robust, bend easily broken, especially positive ear. Polymer lithium battery pack has been good welding prohibit split or welding. There is no flow of electrolyte on the theory of lithium polymer lithium battery, the case of electrolyte leakage come into contact with skin, eyes or other parts of the body, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice. Prohibit the use of damaged batteries monomer (Edge damage sealing shell breakage, smell the smell of the electrolyte, electrolyte leakage, etc.). In case the battery heating surge away from the battery in order to avoid causing unnecessary harm.

Other considerations:

★ Make sure to use a dedicated lithium charger and charging current can not exceed 1C.
★ the lithium Do full power stored for a long time, prone to flatulence phenomenon after long term storage, affect the discharge performance, optimal storage voltage monolithic 3.8V full before use and then use the battery which can effectively avoid bloating phenomenon.
★ the lithium Do not exceed the design design maximum discharge C number (over-current discharge), over discharge will seriously affect the performance of the battery or directly lead to cell damage.
★ battery penetrate deflated inflatable Do not use sharp metal objects will cause the battery internal short circuit cause the battery to explode or burn.

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