LPC1759 Development Board Cortex-M3 USBHOST Module for USB-Host USB-Device CAN RS485
  • LPC1759 Development Board Cortex-M3 USBHOST Module for USB-Host USB-Device CAN RS485
  • LPC1759 Development Board Cortex-M3 USBHOST Module for USB-Host USB-Device CAN RS485

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LPC1759 Development Board Cortex-M3 USBHOST Module for USB-Host USB-Device CAN RS485

- LPC1759 development board is a small piece of circuit board, development board on both sides of 2.54 mm distance between double row needle, their spacing is 2.54 mm integer times, thus it can be installed on the universal plate additional functionality convenient debugging, no use to the IO all leads to the double row on both sides of the pinhole and divided according to the function (Motor, TFT - LCD, SPI).
- LPC1759 development board provides a USB Host, USB Device, CAN and RS485 communication interface to satisfy the needs of communication with the external devices, and provides a convenient block IIC EEPROM and SD card socket storage application of all kinds of ways.

- ARM M3 processor, working frequency of 100 MHz
- ARM M3 built-in vector can be nested interrupt controller (NVIC)
- 512 KB of Flash memory chip memory programming
- 64 kB SRAM
- 8 channel generic DMA controller (GPDMA)
- Multi-layer AHB interconnection matrix for each AHB host provide single bus
- Segmentation of the APB bus between the CPU and DMA almost no stall, to achieve high throughput
- Equipment/host/OTG USB 2.0 full speed controller, with dedicated DMA controller
- Four decimal the UART baud rate generator
- Dual channel CAN 2.0 B controller
- With synchronization, serial, full duplex communication SPI controller
- With 2 SSP controller, FIFO and multi-protocol capabilities
- with 2 I2C bus interface, support data rate of 400 kbit/s fast mode
- I2S (Intel - audio IC) interface for digital audio input or output
- 52 general I/O (GPIO) pins, with configurable on ra/pulldown resistor
- 12 analog - digital converter (ADC), conversion rate is up to 200 kHz
- 10 digital to analog converter (DAC)
- Four general timer/counter
- A motor control PWM, supporting the three-phase motor control
- Quadrature encoder interface, can monitor an external quadrature encoder
- A standard PWM/timer module, counting with external input
- Real time clock (RTC)
- Watchdog timer (WDT)
- Beat the ARM architecture (M3 system timer, including an external clock input options
- Standard JTAG test/debug interface
- Integrated - PMU - 2 (power management unit)
- Four kinds of low power consumption mode
- Single 3.3 V power supply (2.4 V to 3.6 V)
- A configurable for edge/level trigger external interrupt input
- Nonmaskable interrupts (NMI) input
- Awakens the interrupt controller (WIC)
- Processor through any interruption wakes up from power down mode
- To raise the interrupt and forced reset independent threshold value for undervoltage
- Power on reset (POR)
- Scope of work from 1 MHz to 25 MHz crystal oscillator
- Calibration to the precision of 1% 4 MHz internal RC oscillator
- USB PLL can be an additional flexibility
- Code reading with different level of security protection (CRP)
- Chips can be used to identify the unique serial number

Package included:
- 1 x LPC1759 Development Board
- 1 x usb cable
- 1 x CD

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