• MJ2001 200W High Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033
  • MJ2001 200W High Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033
  • MJ2001 200W High Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033
  • MJ2001 200W High Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033
  • MJ2001 200W High Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033

MJ2001 200W High Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033

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MJ2001 High 200W Power Amplifier Board Kit Class A Amplifier MJ11032 MJ11033

-  High Class A / B class amplifier kit
- MJ2001
-  New and original
- 2 -channel amplifier board with cooling angle aluminum, not including the radiator and the main filter capacitors and transformers
- HIFI amplifier stage amplifier large multi-channel amplifier

- Maximum output power : 200W/8Ω 380W/4Ω
- Maximum supply voltage : +-60V ( output stage )
- Harmonic Distortion : <0.001% 10W/8Ω
          <0.05% 100W/8Ω
- Frequency response : 0Hz-200KHz
- Damping Factor: > 500
- SNR :> 96dB
- Conversion rate :> 150V/uS
- Input Sensitivity : 1.2V ( RMS )
- Input Impedance : 47.5K
- Gain : 31dB (34 times )
- MJ2001 is specifically designed for the Motorola MJ11032/33 an amplifier boards, design the circuit according to the highest standards in order to meet the requirements of discerning enthusiasts !
- MJ2001 amplifier board has the following characteristics :
1 , amplifier board with 2.0 thick FR4 Immersion Gold board, copper foil is 2 oz , and on-board high-current connection is used with large diameter, flow capacity without doubt . An amplifier board size is 235mm * 105mm
2 , left and right two -channel amplifier board is to use a mirror symmetrical design , easy installation, look decent !
3, the amplifier board requires a separate power supply for each channel , between the two channels in order to avoid crosstalk generated by the power supply , to further improve the resolution. Each channel requires the use of two sets of power supply , a large current of the output stage , the maximum 43VAC * 2 The other group is part of the high voltage power supply voltage amplification , the output level should be higher than the roughly 20AC.
4 , the voltage amplifier stage amplifier board with a high performance power supply to power .
5 , stable and perfect protection circuit , making the amplifier to maintain a safe work . MJ11032/33 have the title of king power tube , the effect no doubt, but because it is itself Darlington, temperature stability is poor, easily lead to thermal runaway burn Tubes, a lot of people love to hate this tube ! MJ2001 designed a bias circuit , this tube can be very effective for precision temperature compensation , is in high supply voltage and temperature can still be stable . MJ2001 a perfect all-electronic protection circuit, even amplifier output short circuit, can quickly shut off power management to effectively protect the amplifier and speakers , without additional speaker protection circuit , because the relay will affect the sound quality !
6 , the amplifier uses a fever all original components, guarantee results !
7 , high output power, maximum power without distortion reach 200W/8Ω, 380W/4Ω.
8 , amplifier board connectors with high reliability , easy to use and debug are issued .
9 , the amplifier has a gain of 34 times , it can be easily adjusted without preamp gain can be increased .
10 , the amplifier signal to noise ratio is very high, generally speakers inaudible noise.
- MJ2001 amplifier kit is a high-end amplifier kit , specifically developed for high-demand enthusiasts, please do not tell and so-called universal type of counterfeit brand-name machines amplifier kit contrast !
- MJ2001 amplifier with comprehensive performance , dive deep bass , with strength and speed , not dragging its feet, and very soft, so the bass sounds is comfortable !
- Alto sweet, so you kind of want to drool feeling, you can clearly hear the voice of singer ventilation , listening to her songs will be a kind of continuous feeling, you can speak well confirmed ! Ordinary amplifier difficult to demonstrate this point.
- Treble is delicate sounds, like a crystal clear as crystal . Overall it sounds broad sound field , have a good sense of depth , fascinating and vivid sound .
- -Whether large floor -based vocal box or in a small bookshelf box can be effortless, will make you ecstatic !
- Finally , please note that this amplifier is a high-end amplifier , we recommend using a good potentiometer to adjust the volume , please do not use ordinary preamplifier, this will seriously affect the results of ! Unless you have a very good preamp , otherwise - Please do not use .
- Kit includes 2 -channel amplifier board with cooling aluminum angle , without the main filter capacitor and cattle , heat and so on.

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