• MPU6000 6-axis Module Three-axis Gyroscope Triaxial Accelerometer Module SPI/IIC
  • MPU6000 6-axis Module Three-axis Gyroscope Triaxial Accelerometer Module SPI/IIC

MPU6000 6-axis Module Three-axis Gyroscope Triaxial Accelerometer Module SPI/IIC

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MPU6000 6-axis Module Three-axis Gyroscope Triaxial Accelerometer Module SPI/IIC

- The MPU-60X0 Motion Processing Unit is the world’s first motion processing solution with integrated 9-Axis sensor fusion using its field-proven and proprietary MotionFusion™ engine for handset and tablet applications,  game controllers, motion pointer remote controls, and other consumer devices. The MPU-60X0 has an embedded 3-axis MEMS gyroscope, a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, and a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) hardware accelerator engine with an auxiliary I2C port that interfaces to 3rd party digital sensors such as magnetometers. When connected to a 3-axis magnetometer, the MPU-60X0 delivers acomplete 9-axis MotionFusion output to its primary I2C or SPI port (SPI is available on MPU-6000 only). The MPU-60X0 combines acceleration and rotational motion plus heading information into a single data strea for the application. This MotionProcessing™ technology integration provides a smaller footprint and has
inherent cost advantages compared to discrete gyroscope plus accelerometer solutions. The MPU-60X0 is also designed to interface with multiple non-inertial digital sensors, such as pressure sensors, on its auxiliary I2C port. The MPU-60X0 is a 2nd generation motion processor and is footprint compatible with the MPU-30X0 family.

- The MPU-60X0 features three 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) for digitizing the gyroscope outputs and three 16-bit ADCs for digitizing the accelerometer outputs. For precision tracking of both fast and slow motions, the parts feature a user-programmable gyroscope full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000C and a user-programmable accelerometer full-scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g.An on-chip 1024 Byte FIFO buffer helps lower system power consumption by allowing the system processor to read the sensor data in bursts and then enter a low-power mode as the MPU collects more data. With all the necessary on-chip processing and sensor components required to support many motion-based use cases, the MPU-60X0 uniquely supports a variety of advanced motion-based applications entirely on-chip The MPU-60X0 thus enables low-power MotionProcessing in portable applications with reduced processing requirements for the system processor. By providing an integrated MotionFusion output, the DMP in the MPU-60X0 offloads the intensive MotionProcessing computation requirements from the system processor,minimizing the need for frequent polling of the motion sensor output.

- Communication with all registers of the device is performed using either I2C at 400kHz or SPI at 1MHz (MPU-6000 only). For applications requiring faster communications, the sensor and interrupt registers may be read using SPI at 20MHz (MPU-6000 only). - Additional features include an embedded temperature sensor and an on-chip oscillator with ±1% variation over the operating temperature range.
- By leveraging its patented and volume-proven Nasiri-Fabrication platform, which integrates MEMS wafers with companion CMOS electronics through wafer-level bonding, InvenSense has driven the MPU-60X0 package size down to a revolutionary footprint of 4x4x0.9mm (QFN), while providing the highest performance, lowest noise, and the lowest cost semiconductor packaging required for handheld consumer electronic devices. The part features a robust 10,000g shock tolerance, and has programmable low-pass filters for the gyroscopes, accelerometers, and the on-chip temperature sensor.
- For power supply flexibility, the MPU-60X0 operates from VDD power supply voltage range of 2.375V-3.46V.
- Additionally, the MPU-6050 provides a VLOGIC reference pin (in addition to its analog supply pin: VDD),
- which sets the logic levels of its I2C interface. The VLOGIC voltage may be 1.8V±5% or VDD.
- The MPU-6000 and MPU-6050 are identical, except that the MPU-6050 supports the I2C serial interface only,and has a separate VLOGIC reference pin. The MPU-6000 supports both I2C and SPI interfaces and has a single supply pin, VDD, which is both the device’s logic reference supply and the analog supply for the part.

 The table below outlines these differences:
Part / Item                     MPU-6000                            MPU-6050
VDD                             2.375V-3.46V                        2.375V-3.46V
VLOGIC                          n/a                                    1.71V to VDD
Serial Interfaces        Supported I2C, SPI                         I2C
Pin 8                                /CS                                     VLOGIC
Pin 9                          AD0/SDO                                     AD0
Pin 23                         SCL/SCLK                                    SCL
Pin 24                           SDA/SDI                                      SDA


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