• NEW MK4 Indeed Class A AC12V HiFi Valve Buffer Amp Amplifier Electro-Harmonix ECC82EH 12AU7
  • NEW MK4 Indeed Class A AC12V HiFi Valve Buffer Amp Amplifier Electro-Harmonix ECC82EH 12AU7
  • NEW MK4 Indeed Class A AC12V HiFi Valve Buffer Amp Amplifier Electro-Harmonix ECC82EH 12AU7

NEW MK4 Indeed Class A AC12V HiFi Valve Buffer Amp Amplifier Electro-Harmonix ECC82EH 12AU7

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NEW MK4 Indeed Class A AC12V HiFi Valve Buffer Amp Amplifier Electro-Harmonix ECC82EH 12AU7

- Circuit design reference by Indeed Hi Fi Lab
- New electro-harmonix ECC82/12AU7 tube made in Russia.
- Using Wima ,Rubycon,ELNA Caps and Dale resistor.

What is buffer amplifier?
- A buffer amplifier can be used to transform high input impedance to low output impedance, or vice-versa.
- A buffer amp is an electronic circuit that provides an optimized impedance input and output. It usually has zero gain (or is controllable).
- Some of amplifier likes to see a mid-high impedance output. That provides the signal transfer from the source.
- Unfortunately, a high impedance signal is not a good thing if you're wanted to drive long cables or go through a lot of effects.
- The buffer amp has a low impedance output.
- A lot of people that put these in their systems will say that it sounds like their guitars are louder, and in a certain way they are.
- They're just getting the entire available signal from their devices whereas there was some signal lost before.

Features and Benefits
- High input impedance - Does not offer any loading to the source CD player and as a result it gives its best possible performance.
- Low output impedance - Drives any amplifier easily and ensures virtually perfect linearity.
- Low noise, low distortion, huge overload margin and wide bandwidth - Extremely clean sound with huge dynamic range.
-This nice tube buffer amplifier can improve poor DVD/CD sounding, Let DVD/CD player sound feel more sweet and smooth as silk!!!

What’s new of this Indeed MK4 buffer amplifier?
It is improved from MK3 add with 12/6 volts jumper and also fit for different heater of tubes, an owner can be replacing many tubes such as 6DJ8/6922/6N11/12AU7/6N23P/5814/5963 and also many fun to taste the different tubes, especially for the audiophile people who has a lot tubes on hand. This is a highest cost/performance ratio buffer amp to up grade you Hi Fi system.

We have improved our new buffer amplifier MK 4 as below:
1. ‘Dale’ resistors work in better performance than other.
It is high precision within 1%, metal oxidize film resistor with nonmagnetic and low noise.
2. Rubycon / ELNA low ESR capacitors for power supply regular, it has much long life and stable, super high speed electro-discharge to improving the high frequency performance.
3. We have renewed the circuit design in Single-Ended, Class A with constant current control to triode tube. it responsive a very flat liner especially in low frequency.
4. The input section has been designed with input impedance of one Meg Ohm.

What is Single-Ended, Class A?
Class A means that the power tube conducts the same amount of current all the time, whether idling or producing full power.
Class A is very inefficient with electricity but usually gives very low distortion. This can be used to decrease the distortion of an amplifier.

Two major benefits:.
1. High impedance inputs reduce errors at connector contact junctions.
2. High impedance inputs conserve the source unit's output drive current.

Consequently more of the source unit's output current is available to drive the capacitance of the interconnecting cables, thus improving the high frequency performance and transient response. So there are too many famous Hi End brand Pre Amp label it has one Meg Ohm input impedance.

Technical specification:
- In Put Power: AC12V 800mA 50/60Hz
- Input Sensitivity:0-5V
- Input Impedance: 1 M Ohm
- Out-Put Impedance:>5K Ohm
- Gain: 0dB
- Frequency response:10Hz-60KHz +/- 0.25dB
- Minimum THD >0.0025%
- Signal/Noise Ratio >100dB
- RCA Input X1
- RCA Output X1
- Dimension:100mm (D) X 100mm (W) X 50mm (H) not measure to tube and transformer.
- Shipping Weight: 1kg
- Transformers AC100V / AC120V / AC240V build to order!

Recommended Usage:
- On the output of a CD player.
- In the tape loop of an integrated amplifier.
- Between a pre and power amp.
- From the front two channels of your HT processor or receiver
- Between your Phono Stage and your Preamp

Package included:
- 1 x  New electro-harmonix ECC82EH/12AU7 tube, AC power supply High performance (OFC) oxygen-free cupper 1.5M and 24K gold-coated connectors Audio signal cable without extra charge


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