• PC VGA to TV AV RCA Adapter Converter Video Switch Box With Intelligent Chip

PC VGA to TV AV RCA Adapter Converter Video Switch Box With Intelligent Chip

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- Suitable for Laptop and Desktop
- Simultaneous display on VGA monitor and TV
- Support 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 display mode
- Supports NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, AND SECAM video system
- Support position control & menu button Support over-scan & under-scan function
- Direct powered from USB Port
- No software driver requirement

Easy steps for connection:
- Connect the VGA input port of the BOX with the PC's VGA out-put port by a VGA cable
- Connect the Video or S-Video out-put port of the BOX with the TV's video or S-Video input
- Connect VGA out-put port of the BOX with the PC's monitor by a VGA cableDesciptions:

PC-to-TV converters,Connecting your TV to your PC is easy with VGA to RCA video converter. In other words you can plug one end of VGA to RCA video adapter into your computer and the other end into your television (works with your TV’s composite port, yellow RCA, or S-Video port).
Available Ports and Buttons

(1) DC 5V power input
(2) Dip Switch (to adjust NTSC/PAL. NTSC is default setting. No need to adjust if converter is used in North America)
(3) Composite out port (yellow RCA). This connects to your TV.
(4) S-Video out port. This can also connect to your TV.
(5) VGA out port. VGA to RCA video converter loop through, an optional port if you want to connect a VGA monitor in addition to your TV.
(6) VGA in port. VGA to RCA video converter signal comes from your computer (PC or Mac compatible).

(1)(2)(3)(4) Up, Down, Left, Right (respectively) adjust the picture position on your TV
(7) Menu - On screen menu for further adjustments
(8) Zoom - press once to magnify, press twice to return
How VGA to RCA video adapter Works
Setting up VGA to RCA video adapter takes less than a minute with zero software or driver installations. Simply connect your computer’s VGA port to the VGA to RCA video adapter using the included VGA cable, and connect the yellow RCA composite port on the adapter to your TV with the included RCA cable (VGA to RCA video converter also comes with an S-Video cable if you prefer that port). VGA to RCA video converter sits near your PC and gets its power from your PC’s USB port through an included USB-to-5V-power tip cable. VGA to RCA video converter takes advantage of the power current coming from your PC so as not to require an additional power outlet. You can use your PC speakers, or you can get a 3.5mm to RCA audio cable to run sound to your TV.
You might be wondering why you need an active converter such as PC to TV converter box as opposed to a simple passive VGA to composite cable. The answer is that VGA and composite video are two completely different formats requiring the use of an active conversion. This means that the picture that comes out of the converter is going to be slightly different than the picture that came in. See this detailed article that includes screenshots and comparisons for this converter.
Watch a video on setting up the PC to TV converter.
Package Info:

Package included:
- 1x Universal PC VGA to TV Signal Converter Boxr
- 1x RCA video cable
- 1x USB Power Adapter Cable
- 1x VGA cable (1.5M)
- 1x S-Video cable
- 1x Manual(English)

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