• Peeper Ground Station System Double 15.6" Screen Display with 10km Image Transmission for FPV Drone Quadcopter UAV

Peeper Ground Station System Double 15.6" Screen Display with 10km Image Transmission for FPV Drone Quadcopter UAV

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Peeper Ground Station System Double 15.6" Screen Display with 10km Image Transmission for FPV Drone Quadcopter UAV

1. Monitor audio
2. Net port input
3. Charging interface
4. Number 1 monitor video switching
5. Number 2 monitor HD video output
6. Number 1 monitor  HD video output
7. Number 1 monitor HD video input
8. External car connection  antenna input port 1, SMA interface
9. Image transmission input port 2, car antenna interface
10. HD Image transmission infared remote control receiver
11. Inner recording video switch/working state indicator light
12. Computer boot switch/computer boot  indicator light
13. Image transmission switch
14. Data transmission power switch
15. Cooling fan
16. Inside video U-disk plug
17. Computer host USB interface
18. Data transmission car antenna interface
19. Number 1 monitor power switch
20. Number 2 monitor power switch
21. Computer power switch
22. Internal peripheral equipment switch
23.Car 12V input power supply
24. Inner battery or external car 12V SWITCH
25. Computer RS232COM port
26. Number 2 monitor audio
27. Number 1 function adjustment panel
29. Number 2 touch monitor
30. Number 2 function adjustment panel
31. Computer USB3.0 expansion port1
32. Computer USB3.0 expansion port2
33. Master power switch
34. Voltage ,current,power consumption monitor
35. Built-in battery charging power selection switch
36. Cooling fan

- The ground station system is suitable for industrial drones and for BVR flight control.
- All electrical components and devices are designed with protective layer.
- The case, panel by mortise and tenon engagement design, waterproof function

- Super long working time
- Support offline map
- Double screen display
- Support voice reminding
- Low voltage alarm
- Support saving and loading route
- Support English/ Chinese
- Support customization
- Fall resistance

- The ground station computer is pre installed Win 10 system and MissionPlanner ground station software. N3150 processor, 8G memory and 120G HDD.
- 15.6" HD highlight monitor, visiable evev under strong light
- Support 2 channel HD output, 1CH HD input. Built in HD video collector. Video signal input supports 1920*1080(60fps),recording MPEG4(MP4) 1920*1080(30fps),support external hard disk 2T or 64G U-disk.
- Reserved analog map. Built in analog signal to HDMI signal. Reserved digital transceiver interface, support 433MHZ 800MHZ 900MHZ 1.2G and 2.4G, etc.
- The system integrates two car antenna mounting seats,can be used for map and digital transmission, effectively increase the launch distance.
- Can directly display the system voltage, current, power consumption and other working parameters, can set low voltage alarm, and built-in automatic temperature control system.
- The system can work under the 220V input, can also work under the 12V vehicle power supply, built-in 11.1v 30AH large capacity battery, outdoor endurance is 4-6 hours.

Note: This version includes 10km HD image transmission. Not include digital transmission.
- PELICAN case
- Monitor 15.6"
- Computer touch screen 15.6"
- Display
- Built in host computer BXi3H-5010
- Built in dual channel audio
- USB3.0 interface* 2
- 1080P internal video resolution
- HD format MPEG4 (MP4)
- U-disk support up to 64G
- Support mobile hard disk internal recording device
- HD video input* 2CH
- HD Video output *2CH
- Voltage/current/power consumption display
- Low voltage alarm
- Built in temperature controller auto cooling
- Support 12Vworking
- Outdoor endurance: 7h
- Can charging when using external power supply
- Support endurance expansion
- Battery over charging protection
- Battery over discharging protection
- Support external antenna mount
- Net port input
- RS232 COM port
- HD 10KM image transmission
- AV video output
- Support 220V working
- Image transmission car double antenna
- Car antenna sucker
- HD image infared remote control setting

Recommend image transmission (not included):
- HD digital image transmission  1080P 540MHz  TL1000-540
- HD digital image transmission  1080P 352MHz  TL1000-352
- 1.2G image transmission,transmitter and receiver set    TL300N5
- 1000mW 5.8G image transmission,transmitter group   TL300N4
- 5.8G image transmission FPV reciving set    TL300N3
- LINK digital link system   KS00T1

Digital transimission (not included):
- Xtend data transmission    KS00S2
- 3dr data transmission module    KS00S1
- LINK digital link system     KS00T1

Gimbal controller (not included):
- Bluetooth 3 axis gimbal controller   KS00L1
- Gimbal joystick controller   KS00L2

Flight controller (not included): Pixraptorflight controller   ZYX33

Package Contents:
- 1 x  Ground Station System

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