• RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver
  • RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver
  • RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver
  • RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver
  • RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver

RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver

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RC Hobby Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver

Some Info on the DX8:
- Spektrum DX8 DSMX Transmitter. Combining Spektrum industry-leading 2.4GHz DSM® technology with real-time telemetry in this DX8 represents a breakthrough in 8-channel sport-level radio systems. The telemetry module is expandable based on the module needs; the module is capable of supporting Quality of Signal (Antenna Fades, Frame losses, holds), Receiver Pack Voltage, RPM, Temperature and Flight Pack Voltage. Enthusiasts can add the safety of real-time telemetry and monitor vital aircraft stats right from their transmitter without any additional equipment. Keep your engine operating in the optimum temperature range, keep an eye on your battery voltage, and check out just how fast your aircraft is running all right from the large LCD readout of the DX8. It’s the only 8-channel transmitter that gives you these advanced capabilities, plus the proven speed and precision of Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX control.

In Depth Features:
Spektrum AirWare Software: The DX8's powerful new Spektrum AirWare software was developed exclusively by Spektrum from the ground up. This software includes all the programming functions an expert pilot could want, but you don't have to be an expert to use them. The DX8's intuitive Simple Scroll™ interface lets you "roll and click" your way between menus with ease. And all the information is presented in crisp, clear detail on a big, backlit LCD screen.

    Enhanced Wing Type Programming: When selecting a wing type for an airplane, Spektrum AirWare graphically depicts the type you've chosen and will automatically configure the necessary mixes for the pilot. This saves time and reduces the chances for error when programming complex control surface configurations.
    Active Gyro and Governor Trim: Fine tune rotor speed and gyro gain while in flight using trim switches you assign.
    Electronic E-Ring: When programming the cyclic and pitch mixing for a helicopter, it is possible for the sum of the two mixing values to exceed the mechanical travel limits of the servos. This can cause them to be overdriven into a locked position. Spektrum AirWare's Electronic E-Ring prevents this by automatically limiting servo travel if the sum of the cyclic and pitch values exceeds servo limits.

Built-In Telemetry: The DX8's built-in telemetry feature gives you vital, real-time information about what's happening with your model in flight; information that can prevent crashes and maximize performance. The telemetry data appears in an easy-to-read format on the large backlit LCD screen so you can reference it at a glance. You can also have the DX8 alert you with an audio or vibe alarm whenever any telemetry values exceed limits you define. The DX8 will initially be able to track four key safety and performance factors:

    Battery Voltage: Never again will you have to wonder whether or not you have enough voltage to keep flying. Being able to monitor voltage will also help you detect a worn out battery pack before it prematurely ends your flight. The telemetry module is plugged into the receiver and will automatically relay receiver voltage. A separate sensor for tracking main battery voltage in electric aircraft will be included.
    Temperature: Is the engine running too lean? Is there enough airflow reaching an electric motor? Is my battery getting too hot? With the DX8, you will get real-time answers and be able to take action well before damage occurs. One temperature sensor is included.
    Signal Quality: The telemetry module will keep tabs on the quality of the signal coming to the receiver and send this information back to the DX8 where it is represented on the LCD screen using a familiar "signal bar" scale.
    RPM: Pilots can use the RPM telemetry data to check the effectiveness of new mixture settings, new battery packs, or perhaps a new propeller/motor combination. The RPM sensor is sold separately.

Superior Ergonomics: The DX8's weight distribution and ergonomics have been optimized to fit the way you fly. The result is a sense of balance and comfort that perfectly complements the speed and precision of DSM2 technology. Some of the more notable features include:

    Comfort Grips: Soft, no-slip rubber grips on the back and sides of the transmitter case naturally conform to your hands and make long flights much more comfortable.
    Completely New Gimbal Mechanics: The DX8 is the first Spektrum radio to feature new gimbal mechanics. Each gimbal boasts the silky smooth precision of dual ball bearings on each axis. That's four ball bearings per gimbal. They also feature adjustable spring tension and control stick length so you can fine tune the control feel exactly the way you want it.
    User Adjustable Mode Configurations: The DX8 comes out of the box with a standard Mode 2 stick configuration. Its new software and gimbal mechanics, however, make it possible for you to change the stick setup to Mode 1, Mode 3 or Mode 4 in minutes.
    User-Assigned Switch Functions: Every switch on the DX8 can be assigned a different function based on what is most intuitive for you. This is a luxury normally reserved for much more expensive radios and one you will wonder how you ever did without.
    Large, Backlit LCD Screen: The generous proportions of the DX8's backlit LCD screen make it easy to access and change programming settings in different lighting conditions without straining the eyes. It also makes it easy to read telemetry data at a glance during flight.
    Global Smart Charging System: The ingenious on-board charging system can be powered by any 12V power source with a compatible 4mm barrel connector. This includes 12V DC power supplies, 12 volt batteries or even from the accessory jack in your vehicle for convenient charging at the field. The charger even detects the chemistry of the transmitter batteries you're using (Li-Po or Ni-MH) and automatically adjusts the charge type and cutoff.

Spektrum Data Interface: Beyond new software and telemetry, the DX8 is also the first Spektrum radio to introduce the Spektrum Data Interface™. The SDI is designed for use with standard SD memory cards and adds a whole new level of flexibility and ease-of-use. With the SDI, you will be able to:

    Share Model Setups: Share setups with other DX8 owners at the field or transfer them from your SD card to your PC and attach them to an e-mail. This makes it easy to gain from the experience of others or help others succeed.
    Save More Models to Memory: The DX8 has enough on-board memory for up to 30 models before you even need to think about using the SDI. But with the SDI, memory for thousands of models could be stored on the SD card or transferred to a PC hard drive for backup.
    Stay Up to Date: With the Spektrum Data Interface, you won't have to send your DX8 into a service center to get the latest Spektrum AirWare enhancements. You can download them onto your SD card and upload them to the DX8 yourself.


    High-speed 11ms frame rate with 2048 resolution
    30-model internal memory
    Large 128 x 64 backlit screen
    30 model memory
    Includes 2000mAh Ni-MH battery pack
    Includes SD card for Spektrum Data Interface
    Includes global 12V charger with adapters for international use
    Includes Spektrum neckstrap
    4 user-selectable control modes (Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4)
    Spektrum Data Interface for expanded model memory, model sharing, and firmware updates
    Exclusive Spektrum AirWare™ software
    SimpleScroll™ programming interface for easy menu navigation
    Electronic E-ring electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos
    5-point graphic tail curve
    5-point graphic throttle and pitch curve
    Active gain and governor trim allows in-flight adjustment
    Swash plate timing
    Telemetry alerts (vibe and audible)
    4 swash plate types
    3-position flap switch with flap delay and elevator compensation programming
    8 wing types and 5 tail types
    Language select (English, Italian, French, Spanish or German)
    User-assigned switch function
    Programmable throttle cut
    Refined ergonomics with no-slip comfort grips
    Programmable timer with throttle timer startup
    Quad bearing gimbals

- of Channels: 8
- Modulation: DSM2/DSMX
- Band: 2.4GHz
- Applications: Airplane and Heli
- Model Memory: 30
- Mode: User Selectable; 1, 2, 3 or 4 (Defualt mode 2.left throttle)

Package list:
- 1 x Spektrum DX8 DSMX 2.4G DX8 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter w/ 6210 Receiver

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