• RCD3002 Remote Plug Glow Driver Ignitor Auto-Booster

RCD3002 Remote Plug Glow Driver Ignitor Auto-Booster

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RCD3002 Remote Plug Glow Driver Ignitor Auto-Booster
- The RCD3002 is a switched glow plug driver. Utilising any switched channel, e.g. CH6 you can turn on or off the glow plug driver from your transmitter.  The device also shares the same battery pack with the receiver eliminating the need for a separate battery pack.

- Utilising extremely efficient micro controller electronics, the RCD3002 Switched Glow Driver is able to efficiently light your glow plug in mid flight through direct control from a switched channel. Safety features in the switch programming ensure that onboard flight pack power is preserved through time limit and low voltage protection. This ensures safe flying! Should the user forget to switch off the Glow driver during a flight, The RCD3002 on board logic will switch off power to the glow plug after 5 minutes to preserve the on board flight pack. Voltage sensing circuitry consinuously monitors the flight pack voltage and disconnects glow function at voltages lower than 4.5V giving an extra safety margin.

- The RCD3002 Glow driver is also equipped with Short Circuit and Over Temperature sensing circuitry. This ensures that in the event of a dead short occuring at the glow driver output stage. The RCD3002 gracefully shut down. 

- Using 'Smart Logic' algorithm, the RCD3002 Glow driver is able to automatically adjust output current to the glow plug according to the working conditon of the glow plug. This ensures that the glow plug’s working temperature is maintained at an optimum level. The RCD 3002 Remote Glow driver is able to maintain a constant glow even under flooded conditions, yet only consuming a maximum current draw from the flight pack of only 600ma. Not much different from a digital server under load!

- The RCD3002 has been designed with the most stringent RF inteference criteria. It is extremely interference resistant and does not cause any RF interference. Unlike traditional glow drivers, the RCD3002 uses low frequency impulse width modulation techniques to light the glow plug.

-  Directly Powered by receiver.
-  Working voltage: 4.5V-8.4V
-  Red and blue LED lights indicates the present working status
-  Power consumption of stability supporting mode is less than 600mA
-  Monitoring and checking power on and off from the glow plug
-  Time limit, short circuit and low voltage protection
-  It can connect a buzzer from outside.

-  All Glow Plug Engines.
-  Helicopter and fixed wing airplanes for stable 3D flight


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