• Real Time Compensation Stepper Motor Close Loop Controller Servo Driver Principle Grating Ruler Feedback
  • Real Time Compensation Stepper Motor Close Loop Controller Servo Driver Principle Grating Ruler Feedback
  • Real Time Compensation Stepper Motor Close Loop Controller Servo Driver Principle Grating Ruler Feedback

Real Time Compensation Stepper Motor Close Loop Controller Servo Driver Principle Grating Ruler Feedback

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Real Time Compensation Stepper Motor Close Loop Controller Servo Driver Principle Grating Ruler Feedback


- This closed loop grating version is designed to improve the machine precision (semi closed loop version is to prevent loss and improve the efficiency), it can be matched with 0.001mm resolution grating, completely designed for multi axis linkage use,microsecond response to position error, static precision grating is a positive/ negative pulse, dynamic precision are  2-3 positive/ negative pulses.
- Test on Wire-Cutting Machine showed that this machine can be 0.003 precision of square,0.005 of circle.
- For the machine adopts full closed loop grating C7 class wire rod or C3 class wire rod, the processing precision isn't very different, but the screw rod prices varied greatly. hence, the machine is economically favored
- Particularly, the machine precision won't be affected after long time use
- The controller can be connected with the grating ruler to make up a full closed loop control, the precision is higher than servo system, avoiding the mechanical deviation caused by screw rod, guide rail.
- This product can control the positioning precision within positive/ negative 0.001mm. can also connect rotary encoder on the output shaft of the speed reducer or dividing head. This will help to avod the deviation or the hysteresis error of instrument, consisting of a full close loop rotation angle device, such as precision electricity controlling dividing head and rotation axis of  5-axis CNC system, the angle positioning precision can reach at 0.01degree
- Don't need to worry about the possibility of insecurity may caused by stepper motor, with the help of this product, stepper motor's potential can be digged out to the largest extent,  we don't need to reserve a large torque and speed to prevent mistiming
- The controller can adapt to all of the two-phase, three-phase, five phase stepper system, the existing motor and motor drive can be all applied and matched, no need to replace system. And the deviation can be  corrected when power on
- The controller can correct position and make high speed compensation to power-on or off machine by adopting controlling principle of server systm. Many successful customer applications to 3-axis linkage CNC machine tool can assure us the linkage can be  definitly avoided.
- This product can also be connected with servo motor system  and raster to compose a straight line full closed loop, Or connected with servo system and Shaft rotary encoder to compose a rotaion axis full closed loop to achieve a full closed loop.

- Suitable for all kinds of stepping motor automatic equipment, industrial controlling equipment, machine tools and instruments, such as: CNC machine tools, WEDM-LS, MS-WEDM wire cutting machine, engraving machine, laser machine,all kinds cutting machine tools, plotter, handling device, robot, medical equipment, old machine and upgrade transformation etc.. Especially to the devices that user wants to improve safety, accuracy, efficiency and simplify the stepper motor control
- And especially applicate to the devices and occasions that can be more accurate and safe (servo can not safisty the demand)

- High safety.
- Can be used as digital display screen.
- Simple parameter setting and debugging .
- Can prevent the step motor's mistiming and the overshooting
- Can communicate with upper computer and report motor working status
 - Right and left limit function, and can automatically exit the limit state.
-  The input and output ports are different ports, can adapt to the connection of both negative or both positive.
- Can significantly improve operating speed and efficiency according to the working condition
- Can correct jitter deviation caused by not stopping at the full step position when powered on
- Can reset neutralize or move to the zero
- Can make high speed compensation or compensationto on time to the missing pulse in the operating process,
- Saving energy and resources (stepping motor  and the current of  the smaller size can also  achieve the same effect).
- Can fit any existing stepping motor and motor drive (two-phase, three-phase, five phase motor system).
- More quickly to stepper motor speed up or speed down , less demands to ascending and descending speed curve, or even without the need.
- With 8 digital tube display, can set the parameter according to the current coordinates and dynamic display.
- Output the alarm signal and sends out the sound, light.when the machine is hit by the external force stall or travel switch
- Can not only meet the incremental encoder, and can be matched with grating electronic ruler full closed loop control, better positioning accuracy.
- Can set the number of error alarm, 0-60000step is adjustable, when mistiming steps are greater than the set number, the alarm rings and shows
- Through the built-in button will allow the machine the manual operation state, can also reset and neutralize the number
- Controller can automatically adjust motor rotating speed to adapt the uncertain resistance in mechanical systems and avoid motor stalling
- Power on or power off, even effected by the strong external intervention, after external force is withdrawned, the motor will automatically resume operating state and the coordinates, zero never offset.
- The built-in addition and subtraction, the perfect curve of speed (adjustable), can be set for acceleration and deceleration mode internal or external (menu adjustable), external pulse source can be completely free of acceleration and deceleration curve, starting motor or stop at any speed, not out of step, also will not overshoot
- Can automatically retrieve the user coordinate and original location, the absolute zero point canbe found through  Z encoder or a photoelectric switch for the machine, and can store the user coordinate system origin, under all kinds of circumstances, accidental power outage or other unexpected mistakes
- There are plenty of menu parameters on closed loop is adjusted, machine tools and features to accommodate different, compensation to the linearity error of grating (positive compensation or compensation).
- Hand movement function, without the upper controller the machine can finish a lot of movement function, such as: electronic handwheel control operation, key operation, the relative or absolute coordinate operation and positioning, repeatedly swing, change the current coordinate is an arbitrary value, set ten user coordinate system.




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