• RFC-30H CC1100 Wireless Transmission Module 170 Channels TDMA-CDMA-FDMA -100dBm

RFC-30H CC1100 Wireless Transmission Module 170 Channels TDMA-CDMA-FDMA -100dBm

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RFC-30H CC1100 Wireless Transmission Module 170 Channels TDMA-CDMA-FDMA -100dBm
- NRF905 wireless transceiver module (PTR8000 +),designed based on latest packaging optimum  NRF905 of Nordic VLSI company  ,  periphery is high precision components of  famous company, smaller, higher accuracy, work  more stable, at the same time, strong anti-jamming, communication stability, especially suitable for industrial control field, it is the most mainstream wireless transceiver one of the scheme.

- 433 MHz ISM global  open ,free license
-  Receive and send together,interrupting sign on after transmit-receive completed
- Built in SPI port,MAx SPI Clock up to 10M
- 170 channels, can meet more communication and frequency hopping communication demand,communicate in the group network, TDMA-CDMA-FDMA
- High efficiency GFSK Modulation .Built-in hardware 8/16 CRC,checking and develop more simple, reliable and steady data transmission
-  Working voltage 5-5.5V, low power consumption
- Receive sensitivity of -100 dBm
- Switch time < 1ms at transmit-receive mode
-  Most is 32 bytes for every time to send and receive, set  transmit/receive  buffer size 2/4/8/16/32 bytes byand with software.
-  Set address with software, just only received local address will output data (provide interrupt instructions), can be directly meet all kinds of single chip microcomputer use,programming is very convenient
-  Maximum transmission power, 1W, TX modes:maximum current < 900 mA; Receiving mode: current 12.5 mA
- Built-in SPI interface, also can through the I/O mouth simulation SPI realized. The highest SPI clock can reach up to 10 M
-  Standard DIP spacing interface, easy to embedded applications
-  With high precision and famous brand patch crystals of resistance and capacitance components, better performance, the work is more stable
- Small measurement, does not contain the antenna 56 mm * 28 mm, can be equipped with a variety of antenna;
- with the outer 433 MHz External antenna, open communication distances of up to 1500-2000 meters, indoor communication 3-6 layer can obtain reliable communications, strong anti-jamming performance

Package inlcuded:
- 1 x NRF905 CC1100 transceiver module
- 1 x antenna

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