• RotorTech 105mm Carbon Fiber Tail Blades

RotorTech 105mm Carbon Fiber Tail Blades

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RotorTech 105mm Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
- Smooth and Vibration Free
- Weight matched to within 0.02 ounces insures accurate static balance.
- Spanwise C.G. matched to within 1.0mm insures accurate dynamic balance.
- Chordwise C.G. matched to within 0.25mm insures a matched force loading through maneuvers.
- Optimum spanwise rigidity delivers crisp damping through maneuvers.
- The Spanwise C.G. location insures the very good cyclic response and improved autorotations.
- These blades insure low servo and control mechanism loading in hover and during fast forward flight.
- The hollow rear section insures a Chordwise C.G. location that results in no lead or lag.
- Uniform servo and control mechanism loading through maneuvers and in FFF.
- The Center of Lift location delivers the maximum in rotor blade stability
- Predictable and repeatable response loading.
- The airfoil design keeps the center of lift from moving along the chord through rapid pitch changes.
- Predictable and repeatable autorotation performance.
- The airfoil and tip design "hang on" to lift at very low rotor speeds without a sudden "dump".
- A smooth sharp trailing edge reduces induced drag, leaving more power for lift generation.
- 3 different tips (Angled, Aeroflat, and Curved) to choose from for different kind of flying.
- Most include spacers and/or washers provided to fit a wide variety of blade grips.

- Length: 105mm
- Width: 30mm
- Grip: > =5mm
- Hole: 3mm
Note: These are the standard replacement tail blades for Predator Gasser, Gasser SE, Carbon Gasser, 90 max, 90 carbon max.

- Unmatched carbon fiber craftsmanship and quality. Perfect spanwise and cordwise balance. That is what Carbon Fiber Rotortech Pro-Series tail blades are all about.


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