• SF-2300S CNC Controller for Flame Plasma Cutting Machine 10.4'' Screen
  • SF-2300S CNC Controller for Flame Plasma Cutting Machine 10.4'' Screen

SF-2300S CNC Controller for Flame Plasma Cutting Machine 10.4'' Screen

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SF-2300S CNC Controller for Flame Plasma Cutting Machine 10.4'' Screen

System Characteristics:
- SF-2300S-QG cutting machine CNC system is applicable to all kinds of flame and plasma, high pressure water jet, laser cutting machine, and it is widely used in metal processing, advertising, stone and other industries.
- The system has high reliability design, with anti plasma interference, anti-lightning and surge capacity
- It can be used in practical flame and plasma cutting process, plasma processing, automatic corner speed control
- It can be used in wireless remote control or wired control box to achieve remote operation
- With slotted compensation function, and testing procedures in compensation is reasonable, make corresponding

Reports for the user to choose:
- It has breakpoint recovery, automatic power outage recovery function, automatic memory
- It has arbitrary selections and selection of perforation point processing, processing can be arbitrary skip processing.
- It has the function of the extension and perforation of thick plate, and the bridging function is suitable for the thick plate.
- It has regression, excerpts, breakpoint recovery, optional position and other functions, greatly facilitate the user's control.
- It can transfer cut at any time, choose the starting point processing, processing can be automatically broken.
- It uses a small segment function, special walking smoothly, can be widely used in metal and advertising, iron etc..
- It contains 24 kinds of graphics (expandable) parts library, including the commonly used basic processing parts.
- Be fully compatible with the STARCAM set of software, as well as IBE (Germany), FASTCAM and other mainstream software package.
- English and Chinese operation interface conversion, dynamic graphics display, Zoom the graphics 1 to 8 times, automatic tracking.
- Using U disk to read the program and timely software upgrades.
- Support LOGO image customization, users can modify their own logo (only for SF-2300S).
- Upgrade button setting, easy to operate (only for SF-2300S).

Hardware technology index:
- It uses the industrial grade ARM processing chip
- It uses 10.4 inch truecolor TFT display, resolution 640*480
- The system provides 16 way photoelectric isolation input, 14 way photoelectric isolation output.
- Linkage axis number: 2 axis, if need 4 axis contact us for other model
- Pulse equivalent: molecular electronic gear, the denominator set range (1 - 65535).
- Running memory 64M, suitable for large processing program
- User program storage space: 2G -4G
- The case size: 410 *310 *119 (mm)
- The operating temperature of 0 degree to +40 degree
- The storage temperature -40 degree to +60 degree

Package Included:
- 1 x SF-2300S CNC control system
- 1 x Input plug (25 pin)
- 1 x Output plug (25 pin)
- 2 x Motor plug (9 pin)
- 2 x Plug (9 pin)
- 1 x Power supply cable
- 1 x Manual


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