• SIGMA FC3X-360CM Multirotor 3-Axis Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Mount w/4 Servos for FPV

SIGMA FC3X-360CM Multirotor 3-Axis Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Mount w/4 Servos for FPV

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SIGMA FC3X-360CM Multirotor 3-Axis Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Mount w/4 Servos for FPV
- SIGMA FC3X-360CM Multirotor 3-Axis Carbon Fiber DSLR Gimbal

- SIGMA FC3X-360CM 3-axis camera mount is specially designed for SIGMA HEXA-600C aircraft and XAircraft X650V4/V8, made by carbon fiber material, having structure of high structural strength, light weight. It is capable of installing DSLR and most of DV. The 3-axis includes Tilt, Roll and horizental(Pan), wherein the direction axes can rotate in unlimited 360 degrees, the rotation speed and direction are controlled by radio set. SIGMA FC3X-360CM using a tripod and tripod-in-one design, when camera mount rotates in horizontal, the tripod is also synchronous rotation, this way will avoid possibility that traditional camera mount will photographed the tripod while taking photos, which offers more flexible and creative space for photography workers. Tilt axis using the dual steering gear backlash design, which could not only offer strong drive power, but also more higher control precise. The Tilt and Roll axis both can be driven by common flight controller, such as: DJI WK-M, ACEONE or XAircraft FC1212+AHRS,etc. so as to obtail a better gyro stability augmentation effect. Other flight controllers, such as FY-30A, etc can also be used to finish closed-loop control augmentation.

- SIGMA FC3X-360CM has full weight 1.06kg, including four Torque Digital Servo. Main part is assembled and after testing, customer only need to simply assemble the landing part, easy assembling, normally around 10 minutes.

Feature of SIGMA FC3X-360CM:
- Three-axis control (Tilt, Roll, Pan)
- The horizontal axis is capable of 360-degree unlimited rotation.
- The rotation speed is controllable, stepless.
- The rotation direction is controllable, can change direction anytime.
- Rotation control can be controlled by normal transmitter.
- All-in-one tripod design will not shot the camera mount.
- Main material: carbon fiber plate.
- Four Torque servos have been installed and tested.
- Directly compatible with HEXA-600C and X650V4/V8.

Product Technical Parameter:
- Weight: 1.06kg
- Outside dimensions: 310mm (W) x 244mm (D) x 278mm (H)
- Camera mount innerspace size: 170mm (W) x 80mm (D) x 140mm (H)
- Maximum load: 2kg (SLR camera and most DV can be installed)
- Use this S800-Battery-Tray customer can install FC3X-360CM on DJI S800.

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