• SIGMA Summit SS6 Long Flying Hexacopter  6-axis Carbon Fiber Aircraft SS6-ARF FPV Multicopter
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 Long Flying Hexacopter  6-axis Carbon Fiber Aircraft SS6-ARF FPV Multicopter
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 Long Flying Hexacopter  6-axis Carbon Fiber Aircraft SS6-ARF FPV Multicopter
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 Long Flying Hexacopter  6-axis Carbon Fiber Aircraft SS6-ARF FPV Multicopter

SIGMA Summit SS6 Long Flying Hexacopter 6-axis Carbon Fiber Aircraft SS6-ARF FPV Multicopter

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SIGMA Summit SS6 920mm Long Flying ARF Hexacopter  6-axis Carbon Fiber Aircraft SS6-ARF FPV Multicopter

- SIGMA Summit (Summit is one of the SIGMA's high-end professional products) Series 6-axis long-flying time aircraft - SS6 ,This product solved the traditional UAV system short blank time and lower load capacity etc weak points, poor flight stability etc weaknesses,SIGMA Summit SS6-blankload can obtain almost about 50 minutes continuous flying time;if load weight 2.1kg, get about 29 minutes of continuous blank time; maximum safe load flightweight up to 3.5kg. whatever the load capacity or blank flying time, SIGMA Summit SS6 exhibit higher performance than other similar products .

SIGMA Summit SS6 main features:
- Long blank time
- High flight stability
- Structural strength and lightweight frame design
- Body panels and fuselage tube with carbon fiber materials
- easy to direclt connect with xaircarft tripod system
- with 8 shaft electricity board, and easier wiring
- Two battery installation way (top way or side way)
- DJI Z15 camera mount system can be original bit installation
- P3X-1000E PTZ camera mount can be original bit installation

- SIGMA Summit SS6 design simple , whole kit does not have an excess of screws and redundant design,making SS6 empty weight of only 660g (without tripod). SS6 not only can install XA tripod system and other manyfamous aerial PTZ camera mount system. When the installed XA tripod system can be docked to the original bit installation XA 2 axis PTZ, and the MC6500 series PTZ and Q1000, Q2000S super shock absorbers, the high degree of modularity, ease of maintenance and use. SS6 can also original bit installation DJI Z15 PTZ and P3X-1000E PTZ. when install P3X-1000E camera mount, you can use the pan comes with tripod. When install DJI Z15, you need to
bring their own landing platform.

- The SIGMA Summit SS6 equipped the AKE F400 power systems, the system come with  AKE 30A the multiaxial dedicated high-speed brushless ESC, DM400L3514 high efficiency brushless motor and high efficiency 15-inch carbon fiber propeller, SS6 equipped with a total of six groups power. To simplify wiring, SS6 standard come with 1in 8out Immersion Gold technology sub-panelselectricity board, the Brushless ESC power cord can be easily welded on the sub electric panel, thereby reducing the
difficulty of assembly, its reliability is much higher than plug connection.

- For the 6-axis aircraft used two flight mode - X-way and + Cross way, SIGMA Summit SS6 can support both.
- But when use the  Xaircraft tripod system , you can only fly +cross flight mode; when docking Z15
- PTZ ,you can only fly  X "flight mode;, , when docking P3X-1000E both flight mode all support.

- SIGMA Summit SS6 can use a single set of battery-powered,
- battery: 5200mAh/6S1P/25C, 6600mAh/4S1P/18C 6600mAh/6S1P/18C 8000mAh/6S1P/25C
- recommended use AKE 10000mAh/6S1P/18C or 25C lipoly batteries single group or two groups used in parallel.
- The SS6 provide two battery installation way - top or side battery installing way.
- Side way installing battery can lower the center of gravity, recommended for photographic equipment hanging under the fuselage.
- If hanging under the fuselage is Z15 or P3X-1000E, Top and side installing battery all ok.
- Side installing battery way must be 2 pc battery , Top installing way ok for 1pc battery.

- SIGMA Summit SS6 the fuselage tube (diameter: 16mm) with carbon fiber material, has a longer size, wheelbase about 930mm, in terms of physical size, can install max 18-inch propeller.
- When installing 15-inch propeller, large paddle distance can effectively avoid air disturbance between the paddle and the paddle, providing excellent aerodynamic conditions for stable flight, and also make more propeller effect, all These factors will let SS6 to be able to bring a very good flight experience for the user.

SIGMA Summit SS6 technical data:
- Empty frame Weight: 660g (without tripod)
- Empty frame weight: 800g (including XA tripod)
- Wheelbase: 920mm
- Adjacent propeller shaft center distance: 465mm
- Compatible the propeller dimensions: 12 "/ 14" / 15 "/ 16" / 17 "/ 18"
- Maximum safe load: 3.5kg
- No-load Flying time: about 50 minutes (20000mAh/6S2P)
- Typical load blank time: 29 minutes of (2.1kg load / 20000mAh/6S2P of)

SIGMA Summit SS6 ARF package included:
- 1x SIGMA Summit SS6 carbon fiber version rack body kit
- 1x Immersion Gold 8-way electric board for multi-axis aircraft
- 6x High-pressure version AKE HighSPEED PWM 30A Brushless ESC (support 6S powered)
- 6x AKE DarkMagic DM400L3514 high efficiency brushless motor
- 6x SIGMA 15-inch high-efficiency carbon fiber propeller (3-pair)
- 1x XA tripod system

Customer need to have following equipment to finish this kit.

- 1x atleast 8-channel remote control device, recommended  Futaba 10CG etc.
- 1x flight control system: WK-M or NAZA-M, or other support 6 axis flight control
- 1x lipoly battery, it is recommended that: 10000mAh/6S lithium battery
- 1x lipoly battery charger

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