• SJA1000 51 CAN Learn Board Development Board

SJA1000 51 CAN Learn Board Development Board

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SJA1000 51 CAN Learn Board Development Board
-  single chip: STC89C12C5A60S2
-  CAN composition using CAN controller SJA1000 +82 C250 and drives, has a light display communication status, support from the transceiver functions, also supports multi-point communication network
-  on-board MAX232 chip, RS232 serial communication, you can easily communicate with the PC, on-line programming, combined with the CAN communication module 232 can be realized with the application of CAN bus conversion, and is a two-way
-  on-board LM35 + LM358 chip, temperature measurement function
-  the board TLC5615 + TL431 chip, DA conversion, Note: STC89C12C5A60S2 chip contains AD conversion
-  a two-board 74HC164 +2 digital tubes display subsystem, you can simply send and receive data show
-  free on board INT1 button, you can send function keys to achieve the initiative to achieve human-computer interaction
- on-board 5V buzzer, alarm sound can be easily done with
-  9V power supply board, chip board AMS1117-5 power supply
Package including:
- 1 pcs SJA1000 Board

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