• SKYRC Quattro B6 Balance Charger Discharger 80W
  • SKYRC Quattro B6 Balance Charger Discharger 80W

SKYRC Quattro B6 Balance Charger Discharger 80W

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SKYRC Quattro B6 Balance Charger Dischareger 80W

SKYRC Quattro B6 employs the circuit that features four totally independent but identical power outputs which are powered 80 watts each. Total powers are 320 watts. As a result , it can charge or discharge up to 4 packs of 15 cells of NiCd/NiMH or 4 packs of 6 series of lithium batteries simultaneously. Quattro B6 has four individual cell voltage balancer at each outputs, so it does not required any balancer separately when charging lithium batteries (LiPo/LiIon/LiFe) for voltage balancing.

The twin-fan cooling system is so smart and efficiently. The fan speed is controlled by internal temperature sensor.

SKYRC Quattro B6 allows you to plug 4 batteries into one charger simultaneously, and it will intelligently and automatically charge all 4 of them at once to their maximum capacity. To top of it, the batteries being charged do not even need to have the same configuration. You can connect different chemistry(Ni-MH/Ni-CD/LiPo/LiFe)batteries into any of the charging ports. No more staying up late for charging batteries.

- Operating voltage range: DC 11.0-18.0 Volt
- Circuit power: Max. Charge power 320Watts (4x80Watts)
                           Max. Discharge power 40Watts (4x10Watts)
- Charge current range: 0.1-6.0A
- Discharge current range: 0.1-2.0A
- Current drain for balancing Li-Po/Ion/Fe: 300mA/cell
- Li-ion/Fe/Polymer cell count: 1-6cells
- NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1-15cells
- Pb battery voltage: 2-20V
- Net Weight:1.13KG
- Dimension:225.4*158.6*62.4mm

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