• TFC-2700L Frequency Counter 10Hz to 2700MHz

TFC-2700L Frequency Counter 10Hz to 2700MHz

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TFC-2700L Frequency Counter 10Hz to 2700MHz
- Three ranges of TFC-2700L can measure input frequency from 10Hz~2700 MHz bandwidth,  The inner termperature-offset oscillator (TCXO) insure the test accuracy during a long time operation, It is also adapt to low frequency test and get a reletive exact test result because of Hi-frequency processor..

- Display: 8 bit green digital LED display
- Strobe: Hz,kHz,MHz,GHz red LED indicator.
- Frequency range: 1 Hz~2700 MHz
- Strobe time: 0.1sec.,1 sec.,10 sec.
- Analisis ratio: 1 nHz()
- Accuracy: 1±time base erre
- Input characteristics : A Range:10Hz~20 MHz (20 mVrms)/ 1MΩ
                                    B Range:100 kHz~120 MHz (50 mVrms)/ 1MΩ
                                   C Range::80 MHz~2700 MHz (20 mVrms)/ 50Ω
- Attenuator: A Range:×1
                    B Range:×10
- Time base characteristics: Frequency 20M (PTX0, termperature-offset oscillator)
                                         Temperature stability ratio: < 5 ppm ( 0~50℃)
- Power dissipation: 220 V±10%, 15W  110V (need to order, lead time 1 Week)
- Weight: Approximate: 2.2 Kg

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