• UN-A6 PLUS UNA6 (1S-6S) LiPo Battery Pro Balance Charger
  • UN-A6 PLUS UNA6 (1S-6S) LiPo Battery Pro Balance Charger
  • UN-A6 PLUS UNA6 (1S-6S) LiPo Battery Pro Balance Charger

UN-A6 PLUS UNA6 (1S-6S) LiPo Battery Pro Balance Charger

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UN-A6 PLUS UNA6 (1S-6S) LiPo Battery Pro Balance Charger

UN A6 PLUS is based on a "simple and functional" design concept. It is easy to be set up, and it has three kinds of working modes (manual, automatic, and test mode). Test mode is not available for publication temporarily. The test mode is used for products testing as all products have to pass the strict inspection before they go out. Consumers do not need to use this mode.

It uses an ultra high precision AD conversion circuit. Voltage can be accurate into 0.002 V, and the voltage can be precision-controlled in plus or minus 2 mV. Current can be precision-controlled in 0.1A. (The voltage displayer can only display three digits and can not display the accurate millivolt, so when it is not in charging, it displays the millivolt by rounding up or down to the nearest number).

The real independent six channels charging circuit. Each channel works independently and has noninterference. It can produce a sustainable of 5A current by its strong power. The real-time display can show the voltage and operating current of all batteries in the six channels, so that you can know your batteries status clearly.

Provide a full protection to the electric circuit, including input overvoltage protection, input anti connect protection, and output anti connect protection. When CPU detects voltage in a channel has reached the default value, the charging circuit of this channel will be locked and stop working, so you do not have to worry about the batteries will be over charged.

Fully automatic temperature control of radiating design. When the internal of the charger is over heat, the radiator fan will be activated by the CPU automatically and the rotational speed of the radiator fan will be adjusted by the temperature automatically. If for some reasons that there is a radiating failure, and cause the temperature over the limit, A6 will stop charging (to prevent device damage), and an alarm will go off in every 0.6 second. The device will recharge automatically when the temperature back to normal.

If the charging current is set to be greater than 1.5A, A6 will use 1/2 of current to charge the batteries at the first two minutes after the charging started (to give batteries a buffering), and after that two minutes it will switch to the full current charging.

The operating voltage of A6 is DC 12-15V. If the input voltage exceeds 15V, the A6 will enter the protection mode, the alarm will go off in every 0.6 second, and A6 will stop charging.

The input current of A6 is flexible. It can be selected by based on the consumer's maximum charge current. It can be calculated by using the following formula: for example, the input voltage is 12V, maximum charge current is 3A, to charge the 6S batteries, then the input current is calculated like: maximum output power is 3A*4.2V*6/0.85=88 W, input current then is 88W/ input voltage 12V≈7A. Considering that the power supply should not be running in a full load, then increase 10% of input current for more flexible. So the input current is 8A.
One more example:
Input voltage is 12A, maximum charge current is 5A, to charge the 6S batteries, input current is calculated like: maximum output power is 5A*4.2V*6/0.85=148W. input current then is 148W/ input voltage 12V≈12A.

- This is the newest UN-A6 PLUS balance charger.
- 12-bit AD conversion
- Input: DC 12V to 15V
- 0.3A to 8A Step Current
- 2.5V to 4.2V Step Voltage
- Charging port: 1 x 6S port, 2 x 3S ports, 3 x 2S ports
- Dimension: 150L x 12W x 4.3H cm

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