• WiFi DiamondBack V2.0 - Arduino Compatible WiFi

WiFi DiamondBack V2.0 - Arduino Compatible WiFi

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WiFi DiamondBack V2.0 - Arduino Compatible WiFi

The DiamondBack is an Arduino Duemilanove compatible clone that has 802.11b wireless connectivity baked directly onto the board.  The components have been switched out for surface mount equivalents to free up space for the wireless module.  It is fully compatible with the Processing/Wiring IDE.  The DiamondBack will give your Arduino projects added wireless connectivity without the need for additional bulky shields!

Fully Compatible with Asynclab BlackWidow!


  • size compatible with existing Arduino Uno, Duemilanove and Diecimila boards
  • up to 14 digital I/O pins[1]
  • 6 analog input pins
  • Atmel Mega 328P microprocessor
    • 32KB flash RAM (2KB used for bootloader)
    • 2KB SRAM
    • 1KB EEPROM
  • lower profile USB 5-pin mini-B connector
  • auto-switchable power between USB and external DC power
  • 2-pin JST connector allows for more varied external power options (JST to DC barrel jack, Litihium-ion battery pack, etc.)
  • 802.11b 1 and 2 mbps wireless connectivity
  • on-board PCB antenna
  • switchable interrupt between INT0 and digital pin 8
  • supports infrastructure mode (BSS) and adhoc (IBSS) network modes
  • support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security
  • LED attached to digital pin 9 used to indicate a successful wireless connection

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