• XMhobbies AKE QuadDancer QD1200B Outrunner Brushless Motor1200kv with Rotor Grip

XMhobbies AKE QuadDancer QD1200B Outrunner Brushless Motor1200kv with Rotor Grip

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XMhobbies AKE QuadDancer QD1200B Outrunner Brushless Motor1200kv with Rotor Grip
- Stator diameter (Stator Diameter): 24mm
- Stator thickness (Stator Thickness): 6mm
- The number of slots (Stator Arms): 12
-  Magnet Poles: 14
- Allows the lithium quantity (No. of Li-Po cells): 3S
- Suitable Prop size: 8 "-10"
- No-load speed (Motor KV): 1200RPM / V
- No-load current (No-Load Current): 0.90A/12.6V
- Maximum current (MAX. Continuous Current): 20A
- Maximum power of (MAX. the Power): 300W (3S)
- Rotor diameter (Outside Diameter): 30mm
- The length of the outer profile (Body Length): 18.2mm
- Output shaft of full-length (Overall Shaft Length): 45.6mm
- Output Shaft Diameter (Shaft Diameter): 3.17 mm
- Weight (Weight): 37.3g (without paddle folder)
- Typical thrust value: 840g @ 12V (8 x 4.5 Prop @ 10660RPM) 17A
- Typical operating current: 7.2A x 4 (X650V4/3S Li-Po 1.65kg takeoff weight / 8x4.5)

Included: the diameter of 5.0mm aluminum alloy compression paddle folder( rotor grip)

- For application in the aerial field of multi-axis aircraft, its flight stability is extremely demanding,because only with a stable flight may have a stable picture. Aerial camera mount with gyro stability augmentation functions can play a certain anti-shake performance, but we have to realize that the stability of the aircraft is more important fact than all "passive amendments". AKE QUAD Dancer QD1200B brushless motor can eliminate aircraft itself destabilizing factors, the secret is that it has an ultra-fast transient response performance, able to quickly passed instructions acting on the propeller by flight control speed changes signal ,thereby reducing the shaking of the aircraft,make the aircraft top stable.

- QD1200B this feature from the optimized design of the rotor structure, the designers removed the extra weight of the rotor, so that it is possible light under the premise of ensuring the structural strength, a significant reduction in the inertia of the rotor, so that acceleration or deceleration are more sensitive. 24mm large diameter stator, let QD1200B have better stronger torque than a conventional 22mm stator diameter motor . 1200KV ultra-high speed,  response rate is more agile. With 8-inch propeller or 10-inch propellers, QD1200B will present you with a very different flight smooth.



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