•  XR1075BBE DIY Digital Amplifier Tone Plate Actuator

XR1075BBE DIY Digital Amplifier Tone Plate Actuator

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XR1075BBE DIY Digital Amplifier Tone Plate Actuator

- Ultra-thin design, easy installation, plus feet long 18MM. Board size: 60MM * 52MM (excluding potentiometer prominent place).
Preclude the use of high-quality sealing small double potentiometer, will not produce long-term use sand in a sense, and twist the noise; whole market only use of this potentiometer. Beautiful and saving space but also improves performance. (Not like some of the oldest businesses use only a few cents a potentiometer, no noise when pigs fly, you know.)
- Exclusive use of excellent sound quality of the new imported from Japan's top supplements ELNA dedicated audio Promise fever capacitor.
- At the cost of no sense preclude the use of Philips CBB capacitors, monolithic capacitors imported torch, Japan imported ELNA dedicated audio tonic capacitor. Japan imported rubies and other capacitors, six filter capacitor in parallel without any noise.
- Professional experience in the design, materials and pictures match, and after connecting the amplifier without any hum, using FR4 double-sided black high fever level, low resistance thick copper more conducive to improving small-signal analysis of force to ensure the quality and high fever Paul fidelity.
- Power circuit protection XR1075 form (pick the wrong power supply polarity will not burn any part of the plate), using the original 7812 regulation, the power consumption of the board is very small, hot summers are hot, please rest assured that use. And any amplifier can be connected (for easy connection and more fun).
Wide voltage single supply, 9V to 35V will work, easy to use. Japan imported rubies and other six capacitors in parallel filtering.
 - Audio path purple red robe using ELNA dedicated audio coupling capacitors, minimum loss, more effectively improve the sound quality.
6 parallel filtering capacitor array to provide clean power and XR1075 better working environment.
- Power input string into the Filter tamper bead filter, the interference caused by the power supply to a minimum.
- Wide operating voltage (9V to 35V can work) without fever design (single power supply is more convenient to use)
- New design, minix structure, thin small, easy to install, not afraid of no space (the same quality in the smallest and thinnest)
- LWH 60 * 52 * 18MM

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- 1 x XR1075BBE DIY Digital Amplifier Tone Plate Actuator

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