• ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version
  • ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version
  • ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version
  • ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version
  • ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version

ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version

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ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multirotor Flight Controller Auto Pilot WIFI GPS RC FPV Airplane Standard Version

- If you think the DJI WKM is the best multi-rotor controller in the market, you are mistaken. The leading UAV manufacturers in China, ZeroUAV finally has released their awesome featured packed YS-X6M multi-rotor controller / Autopilot.


Stable, Precise altitude and GPS position hold
- Offering unbeatable and High precision Altitude and GPS Position hold even during winds, making your multirotor flight totally safe and worry free. Now you can forget about flying and totally focus on getting the best aerial shots using your onboard camera on your multirotor and even just focus on controlling the Camera PTZ (Pan, tilt, roll) for best aerial shots.
Feeling thirsty, Need to fix yourself a drink on the field, or want to receive a call while your multirotor is in the air, just go ahead and do what you want with total peace of your mind that your multirotor will glue itself to one point in the air using GPS Position hold. Do not worry about batteries running out of power while you are busy setting up something or focusing on best aerial shots only, vibration on your Android or IOS based device will simply tell you, that you need to control and land.

Ground station based on IOS and Android
- Even the standard edition of YS-X6 is equipped with WIFI module to conenct to your ground station. You can use any Android or IOS based smart phone or Pad to control all the features of your multirotor autonomous flight. You can get live telemetry for all the significant flight statistics. You do not need to carry a big heavy laptop with you anymore to fly your multirotor. Save money by using your existing iphone or andriod phone to use the feature packed easy to use ground station software and all of its fuctions.
The normall range for the standard wifi link is 300-500m, which is enough for most of application, but if you need longer range, simply add a pair of data radios available to order separately and get 5km range instantly. Coming soon.

Coolest features that other controllers won’t offer
- No annoying feature limits and no more paying of eye wetting feature upgrade charges like other products in the market
- Auto Return to home and land if the control link or data link is lost. You never loose your multirotor

Auto take off and landing
- Anyone can fly multi-rotor safely now using the supplied easy to use, Touch, click, drag and go Flight Controls in supplied GCS software that runs on your smart phones. Your phone is your best friend now because this is all you need to fly your multirotor apart from your Transmitter for emergency use and or a bit more range manual flights, still with strong Altitude Hold, GPS Position hold, Return to home and auto landing features.
Click and go:
- Click any point on the Google earth Map on your ground station based on mobile or pad, the YS-X6 will get your multi-rotor there.
Pan-Tilt lock
- Using smart programming on YS-X6, you can now click on any point on the Google earth Map, and YS-X6 will control your multi-rotor to fly around the selected point, at the same time, YS-X6 will lock the camera on Target point so you never loose your target while flying. You can adjust the radius of the flying around the target area any time. This is a very useful feature to investigate hot spots from air without worrying about flying your multirotor. Pilots can now focus on getting best shots from the air.
Auto Tracking
- You see people walking a dog everyday, but you never see someone walkinga Quadcopter everyday.
- With GPS enabled mobile phone or Pad or any platform based on IOS or Android, YS-X6 can Track the device and follow let your multirotor follow it. Now if the device is in your pocket, you can keep your multirotor following you in the air like a faithful puppy.
- This is the coolest feature for Tracking suspicous activities without getting detected. Possibilities are unlimited. Just make sure you do not leave your GPS enabled Device onto a plane leaving to other country.
- Industrial robust design with military rank hardware, rich expansion interface to offer more future expansions
- ZeroUAV is deeply involved in UAV for more than 7 years, their UAV controller is the standard device for China National Mapping Bureau, the YS-X6 inherits all the standards from their designer team, offers a reliable and robust platform for you.
- Unlike DJI WKM, YS-X6 offers 8 channels for ESCs, 3 channels for pan-tilt, 8 channels for radio Rx, support SBUS, and provides 3 communication ports. Its a total versatile Flight controller and Autopilot for multirotors out here.
- This is not a dream anymore. anyone can fly Multirotors and either move up to their aerial photography and aerial filming career safely but also many Civil and law enforcement agencies can quickly deploy affordable Multirotor UAVs to assist them in their Search and rescue, and other related missions.

- ZERO TECH YS-X6 Flight Controller - Standard Kit
- Recommended RC Tx: two 3-position switches can be options
- Power System:3S-6S LIPO Battery
- System Configuration Requirements: Android 2.3 and above, screen resolution 800*480 and above
- Gross Weight: 180g around
- Operation environment Temperature:-5 to +60 celcius degree
- Suitable Wind Condition: ﹤8m/s(17.9mph/28.2km/h)
- Maximum Tail Rudder Angle Speed: 180degree/s
- Maximum tilt Angle: 25º
- Maximum climbing speed: 4M/S
- Maximum decreasing speed: 4M/S
- Hover Precision (Auto-hover in GPS mode)
- Level:±2m
- Main Controller 92*61*18mm
- IMU 48.5*40.5*22mm
- GPS+COMPASS round:55mm diameter *11mm
- WIFI 65*40*14.5mm
- LED 17mm x 17mm x 5.2mm"

 Hint: This system do not support JR radios currently.
*  This is the standard kit, you can buy upgrading package to upgrade to enhanced or professional version.


Product Name
Functions Discription
Steering Gear connection wire 
1. Gimbal Stabilization increasing/Attitude holding/Position holding/Auto-waypoints/Click & Go Point/ Auto-returning/ Auto-takeoff/Auto-landing etc.
2. For Quad-rotor/Hex-rotor/Octo-rotor, support commercial 400hz ESC/XA500HZ/IIC ESC (Contact us for Customized firmware)  
3. 2-axis Gimbal Stabilization increasing,Steering Gear output 50/250/333HZ can be optional
4. S-BUS/Normal Mode/Self-adaptive receiver mode can be optional
5. Monitoring function.Initial value setup of low voltage alert. Low voltage vibration alert
6. Android and IOS ground station,map viewing/waypoints design/click&go point can be operated on   Mobile/Tablet.Connect through WIFI.
7. RS232 allowed/ adding TTL data link to increase control radius(releasing data link limit is free)
8 .Center point lock flight: Fly around a circle and the craft head is always to the target point.
Connection wire of WIFI to MC 
COM connection wire
Power supply wire 
GPS bracket
Warranty Card
Cable label
Sponge for external damping frame 


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