• ZXY6010 DC Constant Voltage Current Power Supply Module 60V 10A 600W
  • ZXY6010 DC Constant Voltage Current Power Supply Module 60V 10A 600W

ZXY6010 DC Constant Voltage Current Power Supply Module 60V 10A 600W

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ZXY6010 DC Constant Voltage Current Power Supply Module 60V 10A 600W
- ZXY60xx series of constant voltage constant current switching power supply is our newly developed DC-DC DC power supply products, switching power supply technology BUCK-based architecture, the operating frequency up to 150kHz, with a very wide input voltage range up to 15V to 65V output allowing the voltage is continuously adjustable from 0 to 60V (Note that is the BUCK architecture can not boost the output is always lower than the input), the current depending on the model, the 0 to10Acontinuous adjustment reasonable ZXY6010 design, materials used full back a large heat sink, a large margin, after 10 hours at full load pagers, stable performance, can work continuously at10Afull load, minimal heat, high efficiency.

- The entire power supply controlled by the microcontroller output, the LCD1602 LCD can display a number of parameters of the output voltage, output current, output power, output power (AH), output time, and constant voltage CV and constant current CC status indication, but also has intelligent shutdown suitable for a wide variety of applications such as laboratories, factories, workshops, and battery charging.

ZXY6010 prominent features:
- Wide input voltage range of 15V to 62V
- A wide range of output voltage is continuously adjustable from 0 to 60V
- Minimum differential pressure of the input and output of up to 2V stable
- Adjustable range of the current models are continuously adjustable from 0 to10A
- Automatic constant voltage constant current
- MCU intelligent control, with the output shutdown, open organ-off case, set the parameters of voltage and current, the output button is pressed, can be output.

 LCD1602 LCD display:
- At the same time be able to display a number of parameters (voltage, current, power, power, time, etc.)
- High measurement resolution of 10mV, 1mA
- Overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower, over-charging electrical protection, overtime protection
- With buzzer alarm

Performance parameters and related instructions:
- Input voltage range: DC15 ~ 62V
- Output voltage adjustment range: DC0 ~ 60V
- Output current adjustment range: DC0 ~10A
- Power effect: CV less than 0.5% +10 mV CC is less than 1% of +5 mA
- Load effect: CV less than 0.5% +10 mV CC is less than 1% of +5 mA
- Output Ripple: <50mVpp (10Afull load)
- 100Hz volatility transmission ratio: less than 1/10000 (Note: this indicator after the voltage of the DCDC transformer rectifier filter as the main power!)
- Typical Efficiency: input 54V, output 24V situation more than 90%
- Display accuracy: 10mV, 1mA
- Voltage display error: ± 0.5% +2 words
- Current display error: ± 2% +10 words

- Over-voltage OVP: setting range is 0.01V to 62.00V
- Over-current OCP: setting range0.001Ato11.00A
- Over power OPP: setting range 0.001W to 600.00W
- Overcharge OAH: setting range 1mAH to 900AH
- Timeout the OFT: set the range of 1 second to 90 hours
- Dimensions and weight:
- Dimensions (mm): 137x85x68 (L x W x H)
- Product weight (g): 382g

Methods of operation:
-  Properly connected the output terminal, pay attention to the positive and negative can not take the wrong turn on the power, the LCD screen displayed by defaultInterface for the default values of voltage and current, the output is shut off.
- Adjust the voltage and current potentiometers can change the default value of the voltage and current, the voltage set at 12.34V, current set at1.235A, of NOR Normal abbreviation that is the norm, OFF indicates that the current in the OFF state.
- At this point you can press the OUT button, the power to enter the work state, work status display real-time voltage, current, power, charge capacity of four kinds of money,Voltage value is 12.36V, This is the default voltage of a small number of differences is normal, because there is no load, so the current is0A Conversion power is also 0W 0mAH is the charge capacity, is a cumulative value, there is current, this value is increasing. CV said that the current is constant voltage mode,ON indicates that the power output of the output voltage, the right LED LCD, CV and ON indicator light.
- connected to the output load, corresponding to the current value will display the current output current,Connected load, the current has been the actual values is0.834A, the output power of 10.30W 20mAH this value will always be in increments, press the down button, the value of the mAH cleared re-accumulated.
- Press the up button, you can switch to the time display,The time display format (hours: minutes: seconds), this time only the power in the output state (ON), will have the time, the shutdown would stop the clock,
- Similarly, in this state, press the down button to clear the time timing.
- Press the up, back to power and mAH display mode, and reduce the load circuit, able to see the current will continue to increase, when the increase is about setting the value of1.235A,
- Output goes into constant current mode of operation, current and set the value of1.235Aand a small amount of deviation, this is normal, status indication for the CC constant current state,At the same time the right of the LCD screen of the CC lights and ON lamp is lit.

Package list:
- 1* ZXY6010 DC Constant Voltage Current Power Supply Module

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