• Arkbird Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver FPV DVR Kit with Autopilot3.0 (HDMI Board Version)

Arkbird Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver FPV DVR Kit with Autopilot3.0 (HDMI Board Version)

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Arkbird Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver FPV DVR Kit with Autopilot3.0 (HDMI Board Version)


- HD Image Transmission: 1920x1080P 30fps; 1280x720P 60fps; 1296x972P 42fps; 1640x922P 40fps; Ultra low latency (Typical value of 720P is 0.13 second. Average value for 1080P is 0.18 second (default value)).
- Super lightweight. Covers more than 15km in the air.
- Receiver with DVR Function: Automatic loop ground recording (MP4 format). The receiver has AAT interface output and supports Arkbird AAT output.
- CSI or HDMI Input: Outputs HDMI to a monitor. CSI or HDMI input (adapter module needed) supports for Gopro and other mainstream cameras.
- Compatible with Arkbird Stabilizing Gimbal: Camera can be equipped with Arkbird stabilizing gimbal (purchase separately) to keep the camera level and stable.
- Real-Time Feedback: Feedback in time and display of remote control, image transmission RSSI, data blocking, packet loss and other information.
- For Window: For Window environment, You can set frequency, resolution, and OSD parameter position.
- Adjustable Parameters Via Joystick: You can set flight parameters, OSD interface style, etc. by manipulating the joystick of your controller.
- 256-Color Adjustable: ODS interface with 256 adjustable colors and adjustable transparency.
- For 3D Stereo Aircraft: It is applicable to the following five 3D stereo aircrafts as pictured (large, medium and small sizes). Users can make their favorite 3D airplane styles.
- Protection Control: With high-precision digital airspeed interface. With airspeed / ground speed protection control.
- Stabilized Output: Supports Sbus or PPM input, 7-channel output, and stabilized output with servo gimbal (not included).
- Intelligent Flap Control: Slowly lower the flaps. Set speed to control flap. Support 1-7 channel (aileron-flap) hybrid control.
- More Mixed Control Methods: Includes delta-wing, V-wing hybrid control, twin-engine flying wing, dual-engine common layout (differential steering), and butterfly brake hybrid control (1247-channel hybrid control).
- Support Arkbird433 + Channel + RSSI single wire transmission.
- Supports four-axis, Arkbird VTOL.

- Item Name: Autopilot 3.0 integrates with image transmitter, receiver, and camera
- Fit for: 720P 1080P HDMI image transmission
- 32-bit CPU with intelligent adaptive control algorithm. Free welding design: With
- Balance, GPS return-to-home, gyro stabilization, one-button auto-leveling, fence mode: Support
- OSD Type: Multiple CPU with image transmission camera DVR
- AAT Antenna Automatic Tracking: With AAT interface
- Numbers of Channels: PPM/SBUS Input & 6 Outputs
- Mixed Control: Ordinary + delta-wing + V-tail plane + VTOL
- Barometer: With
- Airspeed Interface: With
- Set waypoint, altitude, direction, auxiliary manual throwing flight data records via joystick: Support
- Power Supply: Powered via two-way. One-way OSD display
- Camera PTZ Stabilization (Steering gear): With
- Support Airspeed RSSI PPM Access: 2 ports
- Stability: Optimized control algorithm enables more stable performance and higher fault tolerance
- Dual Aircraft Formation Function: Without
- GPS Type: 8th generation of dual-mode Beidou + upgraded PGS
- Data Transmission Ground Station Interface: None
- New Function Upgrading Port: Continuously upgrades
- Weight: 3.0 flight controller weighs 21.2g. 3.0 flight control and image transmitter weigh 102.8g

Note: Camera module is not include in the package.
Other items in the pictures are not included.

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