• 2.4G Wireless nRF24L01P Module + PA + LNA
  • 2.4G Wireless nRF24L01P Module + PA + LNA

2.4G Wireless nRF24L01P Module + PA + LNA

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2.4G Wireless nRF24L01P Module + PA + LNA

This module is base on nRF24L01P, with 2DB Antenna and on the air data rate at 250kbps and work of band 2.4GHz, the transmission distance can be up to 1000 meters on the open area.
Its add a power amplifier circuit and a LNA circuit in the nRF24L01P.

Electrical parameters:


3-3.6V (recommended 3.3V)

Maximum output power

+20    dBm

Emission mode current(peak)

115    Ma

Receive Mode Current(peak)

45     Ma

Power-down mode current

4.2    Ua

Operating temperature

-20-70 ℃

Sensitivity 2Mbps mode in received

-92    dBm

Sensitivity 1Mbps mode in received

-95    dBm

Sensitivity 250kbps mode in received

-104   dBm

PA gain

20     Db

LNA gain

10     Db

LNA Noise figure

2.6    Db 

Antenna Gain (peak)

2      Dbi

2MB rate (Open area)

520    m

1MB rate (Open area)

750    m

250Kb rate (Open area)

>1000  m


45.54mm * 16.46mm

Hardware Interface:
This module is fully compatible with nRF24L01 module and can be replacement directly used, working voltage not than 3.6V.

Note: nRF24L01+PA+LNA module using external 2DB antenna that means need a SMA connector head antenna. You can find from here.
If you want transmission max distance, the Demo code for Arduino should change one line:

// TX_PWR:0dBm, Datarate:2Mbps, LNA:HCURR


// TX_PWR:0dBm, Datarate:250kbps, LNA:HCURR

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