• 51AVR STC89C52 51 Single Chip Development Board Kit

51AVR STC89C52 51 Single Chip Development Board Kit

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51AVR STC89C52 51 Single Chip Development Board Kit

- with 8pcs Diodes (flashing ,indicator,traffic light and so on)
- with 8pcs high brightness Nixie tube display
- with 16pcs high quality keypad
- standard RS232 communication port with 2 led indicators
- with IR transmitter and receiver(high sensitivity,can be used as IR remote control decoding)
- with IR transmitter(wide transmission angle )can be used as analog remote control
- with Loudspeaker for Alarm and music play
- 1 Channel large power relay output(can connect to 10A 220V )
- EEPROM 24C02(data memory)learning IIC protocal
- DS1302 Real time clock
- DS18B20
- USB port for power supply and data download
- PS2 PC keyboard mouse port
- 8x8LED dual color array module
- Support external power supply,7805 voltage stability,max 5A current,support 5V 7-12V external power supply
- with high quality power supply switch
- adopts crystal inserting method for easy model crystal changing
- with DC motor port
- with 4 phase motor port for robot control
- Classic dual recovery circult,support AVR(ATmega8515ATmega16) -requires a converter adapter
- ISP 10pin download cable port(can download AT89S52 and AVR chip)
- with Standard 1602 LCD port
- with standard 12864 LCD port
- with LCD backlight control,can adjust backlight brightness via software switch
- with light sensitive and heat sensitive resistor
- with 4 channel AD analog-to-digital conversion input,adopts 2 potentiometer,can be used at the same time,also can connect to other power supply
- 1 Channel DA analog-to-digital conversion ouput,Voltage output,single power supply

Package list:
- Development main board x1
- STC89C52 Chip x 1
- USB M to M cable x1
- DVD Data CD x1
- IR remote controlx1
- 11.0592M 12M 24M crystal oscillator x3 in total
- 20cm dupont cable x10
- DS18B20 temperature mesuring ICx1
- 3V button battery x 1
- Fastener x4

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