• AD9850 0-40MHz DDS Module
  • AD9850 0-40MHz DDS Module
  • AD9850 0-40MHz DDS Module

AD9850 0-40MHz DDS Module

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AD9850 0-40MHz DDS Module

IC AD9850 is an ADI DDS chip which be common used in many DDS projects. This AD9850 DDS module is basic on this ADI AD9850 chip. This module provide you a ready made hardware and you can use serial or paralle pins on board to control the AD9850 for different frequency out put. The duty can be adjust by a adjustable resistor - which change the adjust voltage level of the comparer.


- 2 channles square wave output and 2 chanles sine wave output
- Sine wave: 0-40M; Square wave: 0-1M
- Parallel and Seiral data bus selction
- Duty cycle adjustedable - Comparator reference input voltage generated by the variable resistor

More information:


Datasheet of AD9850

Demo Code (serial demo and parallel demo)

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