• Altera DE0 Multi-media DE0 Development Board Education Board

Altera DE0 Multi-media DE0 Development Board Education Board

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Altera DE0 Multi-media DE0 Development Board Education Board
- The Altera DE0 Development and Education board is great for student's home study. Featuring an Altera Cyclone® III 3C16 FPGA, the DE0 board is designed for student use. It is suitable for a wide range of exercises in courses on digital logic and computer organization, from simple tasks that illustrate fundamental concepts to advanced designs
- Cyclone III 3C16 FPGA
- 15,408 LEs 
- Built in  56 M9K RAM 
- 504K RAM bits
- Built in 56 multiplying unit
- 4 PLLs
- 346 I/O pin
- FineLine BGA 484-pin package 
- One 8-Mbyte Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM memory chip
Flash memory
- 4-Mbyte NOR Flash
- Support Byte (8-bits) and Word (16-bits) mode
- SD card slot
- Support SPI and SD 1-bit teo SD Card read modes

- Built in USB Blaster Circult
- Built in USB Blaster under FPAG
- Adopts Altera EPM240 CPLD
- Altera configurator

Button and slide switch
- 3 buttons
- 10 slide switch 

General User Interfaces
- 10 Green LEDs
- 16x2 LCD Interface (Not include LCD module)
- Clock input
- 50-MHz vibrator
- VGA Output
- 4-bit DAC
- 15-pin D type connector
- Max support1280x1024
- 1 series RS-232 communication pin(not include DB-9 Connector)
- PS/2 port
- 40-pin Extend slot
- 72 I/O pins

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