• CJMCU 4x4 Driver Shield  for Stepper Motor Driver Fully Compatible with Arduino

CJMCU 4x4 Driver Shield for Stepper Motor Driver Fully Compatible with Arduino

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CJMCU 4x4 Driver Shield Module for Stepper Motor Driver Fully Compatible with Arduino

- The 4x4 Driver Shield is designed to enable users to switch DC loads up to 5A at up to 30V with no heat-sinking. It is ideal for such applications as driving solenoids, relays, and small DC motors. It uses International Rectifier IPS6044 quad channel fully-protected high side MOSFET switches, which include over-temp, over-current, and under-voltage protection. The high-side topology is safer in many applications than the more common low-side topology because a short to ground cannot energize the circuit while the switch is turned off, as it can with a low-side switch. This shield can also be used to drive four unipolar stepper motors.

- The board is built with generous traces to handle the current with minimal voltage loss and heating on the board. A pair of 74AHCT595 8-bit shift registers allow the control of sixteen high current channels from only four Arduino pins using the shiftOut() function, and make it possible to daisy-chain as many as 25 boards off a single host, for a total of 400 high current channels. cjmcu.

- Arduino shield form factor compatible with all shield compatible Arduino variants and clones.
- Sixteen five amp high side driver channels
- Shift register control allows daisy chaining of up to twenty-five boards for a total of four hundred channels
- Uses only digital pins 7, 8, 11, and 13, leaving all serial, PWM, and analog input lines free.
- Mapped to the hardware SPI bus on the Arduino Uno, allowing high speed data transfer.
- Inexpensive and robust DB-25 male connector carries power and outputs
- Four separate power supply circuits allow maximum application flexibility.
- Ships with loose connectors for end user flexibility, including use with non-Arduino hosts.

Package included:
-  1 x CJMCU 4x4 Driver Shield Module

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