• COMWAY WG-8010-485 GPRS DTU RS485 DTU Wireless Digital Module
  • COMWAY WG-8010-485 GPRS DTU RS485 DTU Wireless Digital Module

COMWAY WG-8010-485 GPRS DTU RS485 DTU Wireless Digital Module

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COMWAY WG-8010-485 GPRS DTU RS485 DTU Wireless Digital Module

- WG-8010 built-in industrial grade GPRS wireless module provides a standard RS232/485 data interface, you can easily connect the RTU, PLC, industrial machines and other equipment, just a one-time to complete the initial configuration, the user equipment and data center GPRS wireless network connection is established, transparent transmission of data.

- Multiple connectivity options
- Support GSM, GPRS and APN

Multi-mode transmission
- Transparent data transmission
- The registration packet contains the module ID or custom data transparent transmission
- Compatible the Sang Wing agreement and Hongdian agreement to support the Asian control configuration, three-dimensional force control, the Jie control and other market mainstream configuration software

Comway agreement
- Multi-protocol support
- Supports TCP, UDP,
- Data center support
- Dynamic DNS (DDNS) and a fixed IP address access
- Multi-data center backup transmission
- Efficient
- Large cache 1MB
- Flexible online mode
- Support for a permanent online. Heartbeat interval can be set up
- Support SMS, telephone and machine serial data wakeup
- Facilitate the work mode
- AT commands can be timed to run the stored
- Reliable protection mechanisms
- Can be configured to regularly restart function
- GSM signal or multiple connection is unsuccessful, DTU automatically restart
- Ease of maintenance
- Support the message local to the remote configuration and software upgrade
- Random the fringe COMWAY wireless serial port software, DTU configuration software COMWAY transparent transmission test server software, user quickly build test environment and debugging of server-side system communication. COMWAY wireless serial port software to support the sub-control, Jie control configuration software of the mainstream market, and apply to the PLC, smart meters and other equipment remote control and data acquisition.
- Client companies to provide users based on COMWAY communication protocols dynamic link library API and the development of sample programs, while providing customized services to help users connect to their existing systems of the WG-8010 GPRS DTU.

Technical Specifications
- GSM / GPRS communication parameters:
- Standards: GSM / GPRS
- Band selection: dual-band 900/1800
- GPRS the Multi-the slot Class: Class 10
- The GPRS the Terminal Device Class: Class B
- GPRS from Coding Schemes: CS1 to CS4,
- SIM card parameters:
- SIM Control: 1.8v and 3v
- Serial port parameters: RS-232/RS-485
- Serial communication parameters:
- Baud rate :300-115 200
- Data bits: 5, 6, 7, 8
- Stop Bits: 1, 1.5 (parity bit = None)
- Parity: NONE, EVEN, ODD, SPACE and Mark
- Serial port pin definition:
- RS-232: TxD, RxD, GND
- RS-485: A + B-, GND
- Support software and protocols:
- Protocol: TCP / IP, UDP,
- Configuration software and client dynamic link Windows95/98/ME2000/XP/2003/VISTA/SERVER-2008 / NT environment
- Library API.
- Dimensions:
- Case Material: Iron
- Weight: 220 g
- Dimensions: 108x74x35mm (not including the antenna and mounting ears)
- Environmental parameters:
- Operating Temperature:-300C to 750C
- Operating humidity: 5% to 95% RH
- Power requirements:
- Input voltage: 5 to 16 VDC,
- Average operating current: 300 to 500mA 5v
- Maximum operating current: 2A +5 VDC,
- Standby current: 20mA +5 VDC,
- Product Warranty: 2 years

Field of application
- LED screen remote wireless release
- power centralized meter reading
- city lights control
- gas, water and centralized meter reading
- heating systems real-time data acquisition
- meteorological information collection
- industrial control PLC remote data acquisition

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