• CS8416 + CS4398 DAC Board Kit Support USB Coaxial

CS8416 + CS4398 DAC Board Kit Support USB Coaxial

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CS8416 + CS4398 DAC Board Kit Support USB Coaxial

CS digital receiver with a digital receiver's latest 8416 chipset, supports up to 192KHZ output. DAC decoder chip using the best of CS4398, the chip effect is soft and delicate, very high resolution, the United Kingdom chord (chord) and Marantz (MARANTZ), and Spark CD CD high-end series, and many other top brands are using sub-chip, CS4398 shows excellent performance of the chip can not generally be compared. Built-in USB receiver and stand-alone DAC with 24bit, when connecting to a computer using a USB DAC functions as a high-end external sound card. Coaxial input USB input and automatically selected.

Input port
Digital input: COA (coaxial) USB of a group.
Sampling frequency: 32K -192K/24BIT (which only supports USB input 16bit/44.1K and 48K)

Power LED
Signal lock indicator (locked) LED
COAX Coaxial input channel is selected instructions
USB USB output channel is selected instructions

Core chips
Digital receiver: CS8416IC up 192K/24BIT SPI & I2S output (up to use the machine recommended sampling frequency 96K/24BIT) USB
Digital receiver: CM102 This machine adopts SPDIF output,
D / A converter (decoder chip): CS4398 120dB dynamic range support 24bit/192K sampling

- This is an unassembled &tested DAC board
- CS8416+CS4398 DAC Kit Support USB + coaxial
- Input Volatage: AC15V-0-AC15V (13-15V is ok) AC0-9V (9-15V is ok)
- InPut port: COA + USB
- Sampling frequency: 32K -96K/24BIT (USB input only support 16bit/44.1K and 48K)

Pakcage included: CS8416+CS4398 DAC board X1

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