• DVB-T MINI DIGITAL TV Tuner USB Stick Receiver Recorder with Remote Antenna

DVB-T MINI DIGITAL TV Tuner USB Stick Receiver Recorder with Remote Antenna

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DVB-T USB Dongle for Desktop PC's, Notebooks or Netbooks - watch and record digital TV on your computer with this handy receiver and record the programs you like with DVR software. For roughly the price of a single DVD movie you can turn you computer into both a digital TV and a DVR. Twenty-second century entertainment at your fingertips!
This remarkable USB accessory is actually the worlds greatest computer upgrade. By simply inserting the DVB-T dongle into an available USB port and then installing DVR software, like the included evaluation copy of Blaze or even better open-source software solutions, you are then ready to sit down and enjoy your your favorite TV shows right on your desktop, notebook or netbook computer. A great "toy" for those people who like to multitask or who have short attention spans
Similar to today's popular PVR's, computer TV viewing + recording software can auto detect your DVB-T region and automatically scan all available digital TV channels and adds them to your channel selection EPG. Now you can flip through channels just like you do at home. Then you can use recording software to record a program immediately with the press of a button or make use of the timeshift function and you've got yourself a modest TiVo alternative, but at a much better price (and without monthly fees!).
This DVB-T dongle receives and encodes digital TV signals in MPEG-2 format for a quality picture everytime. Since you'll be using the dongle style receiver for your desktop PC, laptop, or netbook, all your favorite programs are saved directly to your hard drive for easy access anytime.


  • Portable size equivalent to USB 2.0 drive
  • Small antenna provide robust clear reception
  • Full bank reception (compliant with EN300744 / DVB-T)
  • It does not require external power source and fixed antenna, thus allowing user to watch or record Live digital TV programs
  • 4:3 or 16:9 video window
  • Multi-channel preview to quickly access favorite programs
  • Power from USB 2.0 , no external power adaptor required
  • Favorite channel lists
  • Time shifting ,pause watching HDTV program., Schedule record function
  • Digital terrestrial TV and radio reception (DVB-T) freeview
  • Support H.264 or MPEG-2 MPEG-4 video, or mixed MPEG1 or AC-3 audio
  • EPG, Teletext, Subtitle, and Closed Captioning function
  • Support Windows XP/ Vista / win 7

Some inforamtion:

Evaluate the included basic DVB-T software for yourself. You may decide you need more advanced features, in which case we recommend that you try out some of the popular open-source titles or purchase a commercial DVR software package. Depending on your DVB-T software, you may be able to do any or all of the following:
  • Record TV programs instantly or at a scheduled time
  • Use smart search functionality to quickly locate favorite TV shows or desired TV show times
  • Time shift to pause live TV shows or skip commercials
  • Save and organize favorite channels
  • Visit (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_PVR_software_packages) to see some of the additional software choices
Package Contents:
  • 1x USB DVB-T TV Tuner Recorder
  • 1x DVB-T Portable Antenna
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Driver CD

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