• Comprehensive Version Home Assistant Smart Box 100M Network Interface Support Multi-platform Service for Smart Home

Comprehensive Version Home Assistant Smart Box 100M Network Interface Support Multi-platform Service for Smart Home

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Comprehensive Version Home Assistant Smart Box 100M Network Interface Support Multi-platform Service for Smart Home


- CPU: rk3318 (a53, 1.5Ghz)
- Internal storage: 2G
- Storage:16G
- Interface: USB 3.0
- Network interface: 100M
- Software platform: Home-assistan&node-red; docker
- Application: The core use demand is home-assistant, which is connected to lightweight applications such as multi-brand equipment access linkage. The advanced version is recommended for general users, and the comprehensive version is recommended if there are only twenty or thirty devices. The impact of the frequency and network card speed of the Super Edition on the use of home-assistant is negligible compared with that of the Advanced Edition.
- Pre-installed plug-in tool:
  Preset integration: 1.miot; 2.sonoff; 3.tuya; 4.Midea Intelligence; 5.Gree intelligent air conditioner; 6.Gaode Map, etc. 7. Deluxe Edition and Supreme Edition are pre-installed with lightweight nas management software.
  Note: The docking of a large number of commonly used domestic hardware or software is basically preset (some plug-ins will be adjusted and pre-installed according to the actual plug-in situation of the current period.)

- Break through the barriers of separation and integrate multiple brands.
- Full voice platform access, free of frequency selection.
- LAN control is primary to ensure privacy and security.
- Plug and play solutions, pre-install the system and related plug-ins in advance, provide detailed tutorials, and special questions to solve problems.
- More than 2000 different plug-ins are available, bringing compatibility to most smart accessories on the market.
- The smart home open source platform is deeply loved by global geek players. If you are an advanced user or master the corresponding technology, you can also make your own DIY device.
- Home-assistant can run locally on your local area network and is not open to the world.

Q: Can all millet products be connected to home - assistant?
A: Theoretically, all Mijia products that can access Mijia app can access home - assistant, because Mijia devices basically use the miot protocol or miio protocol uniformly. Home - assistant already has the miot or miio plug-in. All theoretically, Mijia products can be docked into home - assistant. However, Mijia products are massive. We can't afford to buy all of them and test them one by one. We can't rule out that there are very few products that can access Mijia app but can't access home-a5 sistant.

Q: Are all millet products docked into home - assistant and can be used offline?
A: Whether the Mijia equipment can still be used in homeassistant after the internet is disconnected depends on whether the relevant Mijia equipment has a LAN protocol. There are several situations:
- The first type: generally, the equipment with zigbee gateway can be disconnected if it is connected to home-assistant through special plug-in or homekit controller plug-in.
- Second, if the Bluetooth mesh gateway is connected to the Bluetooth device through the Mijia multi-mode gateway, because the multi-mode gateway needs to go to the Mijia service regularly to request token information, so the Bluetooth mesh device cannot be completely disconnected.
- Third, WiFi devices that support miio LAN communication protocol or miot communication protocol can be used off the internet. Most of the WiFi devices belong to this category. However, there are also a few WiFi device plug-ins that we don’t have, and there is no way to control through the LAN. Over time, it is possible to update the LAN protocol.

Q: For Aqara, for VOIMI, for yeelight and other Mijia eco-chain products, can they be connected to home-assistant?
A: Theoretically, all Mi-series products that can access Mijia app can access home - assistant. If they are products that use their own app independently, they cannot access home - assistant. For Aqara, if it can't access Mijia app but can access homekit, it can access home assistant. The same is true for Yeelight's products.

Q: Can the third-party products in Xiaoai connect to home-assistant?
A: The products accessed through the third-party platform in Mijia app can only be given to Xiaoai students, and can't be linked with the third-party products in Mijia app. If this device can be controlled, if you have Xiaoai students in your home, you can control this product through Xiaoai nodes, but you can't use this product as a trigger, nor can you synchronize the status of the device.

Q: What can Mijia's equipment access home - assistant?
A: - After connecting to homeassistant, Mijia's products can be linked with other brands of equipment in homeassistant
- Unified management in homeassistant
- Dock to third-party platforms such as homekit-siri, T-mall Smart speakers, and small speakers
- Invoke richer automation programs to break the monotony of Mijia automation
- But it should be noted that the property of the device itself cannot be broken after the Mijia device is connected to the home - assistant.

Package Included:
- 1 x Host

Manual website: https://bbs.iobroker.cn/t/topic/12943/4

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