• F1630 Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controlle for CNC Plasma Cutting

F1630 Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controlle for CNC Plasma Cutting

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F1630 Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controlle for CNC Plasma Cutting

Product Description:
- This device is portable, easy to operate, easy to use, all buttons and knobs user-friendly design, comfortable and convenient.
- The front panel for F1630 is vertical and the regulator is separate from the regulator, which are mainly used in Longmen cutting machine.
- High pressure regulator type 1630 arc plasma power is based on the use of the site, many advantages of high arc absorption device at home and abroad, the development of a simple operation, stable performance, complete function, cost-effective products. The characteristics of this equipment using plasma power supply basic constant current, to detect changes in plasma torch height by detecting changes in plasma arc voltage, real-time control between the torch and workpiece height. For in height control with constant current characteristics or with constant current characteristics of torch plasma power in a certain voltage range. Particularly suitable for portable, desktop, Longmen cutting torch height control.

Equipment Characteristics:
- This equipment uses the highlight digital tube and the LED lamp as the arc pressure and the signal indication.The display is clear, stable antijamming, the service life is long.
- This equipment uses the key and the digital knob to carry on the parameter adjustment and the operation.
- The equipment panel adopts 60 degree bevel installation, suitable for portable CNC cutting machine operation.
- The device is equipped with a pressure plate, and its full angle metal shielding, smaller size, better anti-interference.
- Built in simple parameter settings, flexible operation parameters can be changed in order to adapt to a variety of complex working conditions.
- By changing the parameters to adapt to the external working conditions, do not have to make any adjustments to the hardware of the device.
- The effective level of the input signal can be set. The input signal is active low. Can be changed to active high.
- The input and output are all optically isolated, which can effectively protect the equipment from over voltage and interference of electromagnetic pulse.

Technical parameters:
- Operating voltage: rated DC 24V (power range 22V - 35V).
- L: DC24V DC motor.
- Drive mode: PWM (pulse width modulation) continuous speed regulation.
- Output current: 0A-3A (maximum output current is 5A).
- Output power: Max 100W.
- Operating temperature: 0 ~50 C.
- Initial position: proximity switch initial positioning.
- Contact cap initial positioning.
- Partial pressure ratio: 100:1
- Arc voltage sampling accuracy: 0.2V
- Arc voltage regulation accuracy: 1V
- The cutting torch lifting speed: maximum speed and lifting mechanism.
- Arc pressure setting range: 30V~600V, can be changed in real time through the panel knob.
- Max cutting speed: depending on the maximum speed of the lifting mechanism.
- Overload protection: automatic overload, overheat, under voltage protection, power supply protection.

Package List:
- 1 x  F1630 Automatic THC arc voltage height controller

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