• FrSky 2.4Ghz TX/RX V8FT & V8FR V8 Combo 1 for Futaba/Hitec

FrSky 2.4Ghz TX/RX V8FT & V8FR V8 Combo 1 for Futaba/Hitec

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FrSky 2.4Ghz TX/RX V8FT & V8FR V8 Combo 1 for Futaba/Hitec

The FrSKY 2.4 Gig radio module system is a high quality conversion kit that fits most Futaba & Hitec radios with removable frequency modules fitted to the Transmitter. This latest 2.4G technology is a full frequency hopping system (FHSS) similar to the Futaba FAAST technology.

ACCST: (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) is our advanced technology. The ACCST 2.4GHz system shifts the frequency hundreds of times per second. This means signal conflicts and interruptions are largely eliminated

FAILSAFE: The FrSKY system also has a failsafe setup built in which can be easily activated inside the receiver with the push of a button. The failsafe will set all controls to their neutral position and cut the throttle as soon as it senses a signal loss, reconnection was almost instant during our tests of the system. You can also hold the sticks in the position you would like the failsafe to return to and then set failsafe on, the Rx will remember the stick positions and will continue to remember until you rebind the Rx.

DUAL Rx ANTENNAS: The front-end of the receiver does switch antenna, when one suffers a loss of signal the ES02 chip switches over to the other antenna. If for some reason neither antenna have a signal (for example the transmitter is switched off), then the receiver rapidly switches between the two until one picks up a signal. It does this around 30 times per second. Coupled with the really fast re-link time, this antenna diversity means that the overall transmitter-receiver link should be as solid as the very best of the big (and expensive) name brand products.

The transmitter module accepts either polarity of PPM and at either logic or battery voltage. This means you can wire it up to almost any PPM set.

- ACCST technology(Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) provides high interference rejection even in an interference rich environment
- Universal transmitter and receiver for all 4ch-8ch controllers
- Quick and precise channels
- Error-free Digital link
- Easy to use range checking system built in
- Low power consumption
- Supports multiple controls by a single controller
- Extended operating range (1.2km)

2.4GHz Radio System V8 series compatible with:
- Futaba: 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C , 9Z, 10C and FN series
- Hitec: Optic 6, Eclipse 7, Prism 7
- WFLY: WFT09, WFT 08

Transmitter module specifications:

- Model: V8FT
- Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-13.0V
- Operating Current: 50mA
- Output Power: 60mW
- Resolution: 10bit
- Dimensions: 58.5x37.5x22mm

Receiver specifications:
- Operating Voltage Range: 4.8V-6V
- Operating Current: 30mA
- Specified Range: 1.2km
- Resolution: 10bit
- Latency: 22ms
- Number of Channels: 8CH
- Dimensions: 58.5x37.5x22mm

FrSky V8 2.4GHz radio set consist of:
- 1 x transmitter module (Model: V8FT)
- 1 x receiver module (Model: V8FR)
- 1 x 2dB transmitter antenna (Model: V8JTA)

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