• High-quality Voice WT588D-U Voice Module USB Interface

High-quality Voice WT588D-U Voice Module USB Interface

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High-quality Voice WT588D-U Voice Module USB Interface

- 28-pin module package can be obtained by replacing the memory to store the voice of different lengths of time;
- Supports 2M bit ~ 32M bit capacity SPI-Flash (Note: 1byte = 8bit);
- Voice chip using WT588D-20SS as the master core;
- Embedded unique vocal voice processor, so performance is very natural musical voice;
- Built 13Bit/DA converter, and 12Bit/PWM audio processing to ensure high quality voice output;
- Support for loading 6K ~ 22KHz sampling rate WAV audio;
- PWM output can directly drive 0.5W/8Ω speakers, push-pull current abundant;
- Support DAC / PWM output of two ways;
- Support key control mode, front-line serial control mode, three-wire serial control mode;
- Key control mode can be set under a variety of IO port triggering;
- Voice playback status display any set BUSY signal output;
- Load up to 500 segments for editing voice;
- Section 220 can control the address bits, a single address can be loaded up to 128 bits of voice, the voice within the address bit combination play;
- Voice playback is stopped immediately enter the sleep mode;
- Supporting WT588D VoiceChip PC software, the interface is simple, easy to use. Can greatly limit play WT588D-U voice module of the function;
- In software control mode is set to be completed, voice combination, voice calls, such as inserting silent operation;
- Free to insert silence, mute time range 10ms ~ 25min;
- USB download mode, support for online download / offline download; even in WT588D-U voice module is powered on, it is also normal as you can download data to SPI-Flash;
- Voltage DC2.8V ~ 5.5V;
- Sleep current less than 10uA;
- Anti-interference, and can be used in industrial applications;
 Functional Description
- Flexible trigger buttons control mode can be freely set any key to repeat the trigger pulse, the pulse can not repeat the trigger, invalid key, not the level to maintain circulation can be recycled to maintain the level, the level of non-maintained can be recycled, not on a cycle the next one does not cycle, can be recycled on a lower one can be recycled, volume, volume -, play / pause, stop, play / stop 15 kinds of trigger;
- Line serial control mode and three-wire serial control mode code can be sent by the MCU side control voice playback, stop, loop playback and volume size, or direct triggering from 0 to 219-bit address any voice.

- Wide range of applications, almost all of the voice comes to places such as bus stop, alarm, reminder, alarm clock, machine learning, intelligent appliances, therapeutic equipment, electronic toys, telecommunications, parking sensors and a variety of places such as automatic control devices , process to achieve the requirements of industrial applications.

Package Including
- 1pcs x WT588D-U voice module

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